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with LPPL from
1 Oct 2006
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to 29 Feb 2020
Weekly Events:87,626
Area Finals:820
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  Subject Author Replies Views Last Post
NEWpinnedclosedUpload Photos to the LPPL ForumIrish Tom01,23417/10/2013 08:10 by Irish Tom
NEWMidlands AF (Northfield Cons Club) 8th DecemberGraa (LPPL)1784030/12/2019 22:56 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWCraig Smith at the Malta main eventSouthern Star (B.G.H)121,29520/11/2019 15:37 by amhappy
NEWMalta Apat eventSouthern Star (B.G.H)773606/11/2019 06:55 by manpat
NEWMidlands Final (22nd Sept 2019) Shobnall Sports & Social ClubGraa (LPPL)1447008/10/2019 21:41 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWMidlands Area Final Venue changeGraa (LPPL)027616/08/2019 21:03 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWMidlands Area Final (The Grange) 23rd JuneGraa (LPPL)353111/07/2019 13:30 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWMidlands Final. Kings Oak (24th March 2019)Graa (LPPL)1367012/04/2019 23:07 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWMidlands Area Final 9/12/2018 (The Coach House)Graa (LPPL)1578911/12/2018 16:23 by Flard
NEWMidlands Area Final (Stretton Social Club) 23/09/2018Graa (LPPL)111,43112/10/2018 21:16 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWInterleague 14Lucci1471121/09/2018 17:08 by Lucci
NEWMidlands Area Final (Duke of York) 24/06/2018Graa (LPPL)291,21429/08/2018 18:21 by Jimmy Vegas
NEWWOS player?! Surely not... Captain Charisma364313/07/2018 08:39 by harry potter
NEWclosedQueens Head NewarkSSSSMOKIN1083321/06/2018 23:24 by SSSSMOKIN
NEWCan izzy do itFKOne1272108/06/2018 13:40 by Paxo
NEWGuess the LPPL playerraggygrannymags654,14429/04/2018 11:53 by The Phoenix
NEWThe White Swan NewarkSSSSMOKIN402,52330/03/2018 11:08 by SSSSMOKIN
NEWMidlands AF (Northfield Cons Club) 25/03/2018Graa (LPPL)261,07429/03/2018 19:37 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWFOPP 18Lucci1593512/03/2018 10:38 by Good Fold
NEWThe hunt for "Tom" octoberfishy151,13421/01/2018 23:13 by g
NEWMidlands Area Final (The Grange Inn) 17/12/2017Graa (LPPL)211,15921/12/2017 19:03 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWMidlands Area Final (Kings Oak) 10th Sept 2017Graa (LPPL)161,22915/09/2017 00:25 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWOh Lincy Lincy IL13 TeamSSSSMOKIN182,03825/08/2017 22:44 by SSSSMOKIN
NEWIL13 Hunters Bar Grantham InfoSSSSMOKIN111,01208/07/2017 17:11 by Young Chas
NEWMidlands Area Final "The Wyggeston" 25/06/2017Graa (LPPL)151,17128/06/2017 20:52 by Graa (LPPL)
NEW2017 national champ in vegasSouthern Star (B.G.H)487106/06/2017 09:52 by Coffee
NEWMidlands Final (The Olympic Pub) 19/03/2017Graa (LPPL)221,35321/03/2017 17:35 by Paxo
NEWShameless Plug from an old playerHorny Hobbit (J.K)174615/03/2017 22:39 by fishy
NEWArea Final Champion and Top Dog Card ProtectorsIrish Tom191,60706/03/2017 20:32 by Fish
NEWMerry Christmas Captain Charisma581626/12/2016 14:22 by fishy

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