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NEWpinnedNorth East Info/ChatThe Shark18215,46305/03/2019 16:42 by Captain Charisma
NEWInterleague 13 - North-EastVikki151,03227/06/2017 13:37 by Vikki
NEWpop weekend poker packageDevious Diva769424/10/2016 15:48 by Devious Diva
NEWinterleague north eastDevious Diva372,04209/09/2016 20:53 by BigDeka
NEWVenue ChampsHAZZA 5977304/09/2016 16:44 by Devious Diva
NEWJolly Farmer - New Venue North EastIrish Tom863903/06/2015 15:25 by JonBoyBs
NEWCan\'t see how I get to play the Sunday tavern games...or am I just thick????Vikki181,29921/03/2015 10:30 by Tom
NEWNorth east area final Ironside666303/03/2015 21:29 by BigDeka
NEWwristbandsIronside1285528/01/2015 19:35 by Moneybanks
NEWUK amateur poker 11th.12th. LeedsIronside161,28512/10/2014 20:02 by Southern Star (B.G.H)
NEWgoodbye ne4 hello rabyeugejeans186523/09/2014 14:39 by Lucci
NEWjoint final/ north eastIronside977912/08/2014 11:25 by el donko grande
NEWarea final @ ne4eugejeans1093017/02/2014 17:15 by PROUDY
NEWnorth east gameIronside048019/01/2014 13:50 by Ironside
NEWnew years eve game @ ne4eugejeans162630/12/2013 19:20 by Ironside
NEWvenue stops playingIronside41,00626/12/2013 06:46 by Anti Force
NEWxmas eve game at NE4 bareugejeans048323/12/2013 16:49 by eugejeans
NEWNortheast a/f lord Clyde THE PUSSY261,54520/12/2013 15:30 by Ironside
NEWNortheast a/fTHE PUSSY1599104/11/2013 11:50 by THE PUSSY
NEWNorth East Interleague 9 teamJOOLS442,04224/10/2013 12:56 by The one & only LPPL LEGEND
NEWWARNING machine is making a comeback he has turned semi proleedo55478920/10/2013 22:03 by Vulpes
NEWNE area finalIronside271,45902/09/2013 01:01 by stef7k
NEWnew city center venue in newcastleeugejeans163616/08/2013 07:56 by Captain Charisma
NEWAPAT Sign inBob The Hat360205/07/2013 01:04 by el donko grande
NEWGoodbye LPPLEasy Rider724,83726/06/2013 21:20 by Vulpes
NEWDoes the North East have an Interleague Team?Stinger970426/09/2012 20:13 by JonBoyBs
NEWBye Bye YatesBad Flush Gary1079125/05/2011 15:42 by Osc
NEWNE trialsEl Niņo202,00925/01/2011 17:43 by Irish Tom
NEWNorth East - New Structure / Prizeskeitho 211643,06005/01/2011 17:14 by lesplay poker
NEWclosedGoodbye Jolly StewardBad Flush Gary33314,62605/08/2010 10:57 by Doog

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