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1 Oct 2006
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held to 29 Feb 2020
Weekly Events:87,626
Area Finals:820
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  Subject Author Replies Views Last Post
NEWpinnedInterleague 13-SouthernPaxo91,59921/07/2017 16:18 by Paxo
NEWpinnedclosedVegas package for sale Queen of hearts (SM)494607/03/2017 23:28 by Irish Tom
NEWclosedGold package for saleFlard423913/02/2020 23:25 by lucky lisa
NEWTHE NEW AND IMPROVED WOS CHATGerry50072539,15410/02/2020 10:10 by The Saint
NEWTavernGerry5001385919/11/2019 11:09 by Irish Tom
NEWNational package for saleALGETYOU167824/10/2019 23:20 by Joker No Choker!!
NEWHumber Winners Package for SaleFishy McFishface044109/10/2019 13:02 by Fishy McFishface
NEW2 Gold Malta packages for saletiny786219/07/2019 10:36 by tiny
NEWNew Venue: The CampGraa (LPPL)345830/06/2019 12:07 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWDave Stones does VegasCaptain Charisma352606/06/2019 00:09 by el donko grande
NEW2nd LPPL game Northfield Cons ClubGraa (LPPL)025219/05/2019 23:07 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWKings Oak (No game Bank Holiday Monday 6th May)Graa (LPPL)226912/05/2019 17:45 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWSilver Package for saleGraa (LPPL)031805/05/2019 19:21 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWclosedGold package for saleMr Kipling253113/03/2019 15:09 by Mr Kipling
NEWGold package dor sale dan375312/02/2019 18:58 by Captain Charisma
NEWSouthern/South West area final 23/9/18the big e356222/11/2018 10:11 by Husky
NEWipo trip for saleFKOne253101/10/2018 19:02 by Vikki
NEWclosedSilver poker package for saleTinman450403/09/2018 23:03 by SSSSMOKIN
NEWGold Poker PackageSpartax.239930/08/2018 17:57 by Spartax.
NEWFriday Night InterleagueGraa (LPPL)241827/08/2018 16:59 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWGold Package for sale ipo or maltaFKOne955822/08/2018 17:09 by FKOne
NEW1,000,000-1 chance?The Buccaneer455102/08/2018 14:37 by Husky
NEWKings Oak game 3rd July (cancelled)Graa (LPPL)044902/07/2018 21:25 by Graa (LPPL)
NEWSad NewsDoubleUp161,41813/04/2018 07:59 by Captain Charisma
NEWSouthern/South Western AF.The Dragon971026/03/2018 14:30 by Santa
NEWLincolnshire Half Moon Fishing MatchFishy McFishface958526/03/2018 11:14 by Young Chas
NEWScottish Amateur Poker Championship Irish Tom71,17205/03/2018 11:06 by Scott
NEWLPPL WHAT HAPPENEDGerry500287519/01/2018 12:04 by Owd Grey Rhino
NEWJust askingGerry500111,20505/11/2017 12:34 by g
NEWclosedSilver package for salePaxo178309/10/2017 23:20 by Paxo

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