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The White Swan Newark

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Posts: 4058.
01/02/2018 23:48
1st of Feb and 6 players.

With blinds at 50/100 Sarah called a pre flop raise of 300 and the board came down 5c 8h 9d and with 3,575 chips behind she decided to take it down there and then and shoved not expecting a call she was delighted when she heard Kev say I've got to call and we had Kev's AA v Sarah's 6s7s and he had chips behind. Sarah having flopped the nut straight was looking good and the 8d on the turn gave Kev 2 pair. All Sarah had to do was avoid the last Ace (Alan had folded one) and one of the remaining 2 x 8's to take a nice double up and disaster struck with the 8c on the river frown sending Sarah to the rail in 6th.

Ray had been having a pretty barren spell of cards and had dwindled his stack down to 500 chips which he shoved into the middle just before the break with his Kh 3s which was snap called by Barbara with 10 10 and an 8 5 8 7 A board was no help to Ray and took 5th place.

Another cracking spread from the landlord & landlady was well received and when we headed back to the table Kev was chip leader with 10,000, I was in 2nd spot with 8,500, Alan not too far behind on 7,800 and Barbara in 4th with 3,900.

We continued to pass chips around but Kev found himself loosing more than he was winning and with the blinds steadily increasing it was starting to become a bit of a lottery smile and by now Alan had managed to creep into a chip lead with 9,200 but then we had a decisive hand, doesn't it always happen when the blinds are getting big? Barbara with 6,900 shipped with Qd Jc only get insta-called by the chip leader Alan tabling KK! And he had 2,300 back, it wasn't looking great for Barbara but as we all know you NEVER write her off smile on a 10 4 8 rainbow flop she needed a 9 to survive and it duly arrived on the turn leaving Alan drawing dead and the irrelevant 3 on the river saw Barbara double up and take the chip lead.

Blinds were hurting now and on the very next hand Alan shoved his last 2,300 with As 8s, Kev put his last 1,800 in with Jd Qc with a flop of 9h Kd 3c Kev was looking for a 10 or a J or a Q what he got was a 4 and a 7 and he was history smile I'm sure I saw a little smile from Sarah although it might have been indigestion (but I don't think it was tongue )

With blinds now at 600/1200 on the next hand I put my faith and last 4,800 chips into the middle with 7c 8c hoping to force it through blind on blind but Alan had other ideas and he called with his new found wealth from knocking out Kev with his K 3. The board ran out 5 3 Q J 6, the king high held and I was toast in 3rd place.

Heads up didn't take long with Alan having a 1,000 chip lead over Barbara. It was never going to last long with the blinds so high and when Barbara got em in with Ac Qh she must have felt pretty confident until Al tabled his pocket Jacks, but we know not to write etc etc etc gringringrin and when the board ran out 7 Q 8 K 7 Alan's stack was decimated and all 1,000 of them went in on his SB with 9c 2c against Barbara's Jd 9h and the Jack played on a Q 5 K Q A board for her first win at The Swan.

High hand went to Kev with his very early FH 8's over Aces.

1) Barbara
2) Alan
3) me
4) Kev
5) Ray
6) Sarah
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Posts: 4058.
08/02/2018 23:53
White Swan 8th Feb.

It was a reverse of fortunes this week when last weeks winner Barbara Press went out first of seven on a chip count in a double elimination by Alan Ledwell-Clarke when his AA removed her and Kev Rutherford. It was always going to be difficult for the pair of them to upset the odds as they both tabled an Ace lol Before the game started Alan jokingly said he would win tonight but he would have to get Barbara out first smile

Not far behind the unfortunate two of Barbara & Kev was yours truly when my AQ of diamonds shove on an AK high board was called by Ray Logans KQ and with his good size stack another King on the turn saw me depart in 5th.

Alan had accumulated a good size stack by this time and when he eliminated Ray he was a clear favourite. Joanne Ledwell-Clarke & Sarah Hardy were now in real trouble and it wasn't long before Alan removed Jo to get to heads up with Sarah who was looking for her first win at the Swan but it wasn't to be even though she put up a valiant rear guard action even clawing her self to near parity at one point Alan's more aggressive play saw him home for his second win at the venue.

1) Alan
2) Sarah
3) Jo
4) Ray
5) Me
6) Kev
7) Barbara
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Posts: 4058.
15/02/2018 23:46
15th Feb at The White Swan.

1) Sarah
2) Barbara
3) Kev
4) Charlie

Sarah beating Barbara heads up with the hand that is the monster of 4 2 off suit smile

High hand, yours truly with full boat AAA over 77 smile
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Posts: 4058.
22/02/2018 22:48
White Swan result 22nd Feb 2018

1) Alan
2) Charlie
3) Barbara
4) Kev
5) Sarah
6) Ray

Winner Alan in the last game at The White Swan in this period.

High Hand Full Boat Kings over 6's for me smile
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Posts: 4058.
01/03/2018 23:27
5 at the table at The White Swan on a bitterly cold night. First out Ray despite hitting 6 x Full houses! including the eventual high hand winner of Jacks full of 7's. Barbara next to go and Kev in 3rd. Leaving Sarah and myself to fight it out for the winners spot which Sarah duly took when her high card King defeated my 10 J suited all in shove.

1) Sarah Hardy
2) Moi
3) Kev Rutherford
4) Barbara Press
5) Ray Logan
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Posts: 4058.
08/03/2018 23:51
13 at the White Swan for tonight's second game of the one month leader board. BIG BIG thanks to everyone that turned out and we hope you enjoyed the game.

High hand Tony Quad 10's which decimated Barbaras stack , not a great time to flop the Full House.

Back to back wins for Sarah beating Steve heads up.

1. Sarah
2. Steve
4. Joe
5. Moi
6. Dave
7. Andy
8. Kim
9. Tony
10. Roger
13. Jo
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Posts: 4058.
16/03/2018 00:25
9 at The Swan for our 3rd game of the new qualifying period and a warm welcome extended to Aaron from Hunters Bar on his first visit.

High hand J's over K's first hand set the tone and yours truly on for a good chip lead at the break but as normally happens the cards dried up after we had nibbled away on some cracking snacks and. Steve & Jo being the early casualties, with Steve 1st out just before the break and Jo who couldn't catch a break followed.

Aaron & Kim were accruing some chips and Ray was up and down like a jack in the box. I was slowly donating my chips to pretty much anyone I got into a hand with and while this was going on Kim hit what turned out to be the high hand on the night K's full of 9's.

Sarah managed to win with AA twice and to be fair there were not too many 'bad beats' one or two outrageous rivers though (mainly by me smile

So after passing chips around between ourselves and me pretty much chipping everyone up I'm left with 300 and ridiculous blinds, needless to say the magic returned and with a bit of luck I turned the 300 into a nice win, finishing off by rivering Aaron's A7H (after he hit his 7) with the 8 of diamonds. smile

1. Me
2. Aaron
3. Barbara
4. Sarah
5. Kim
6. Ray
7. Kev
8. Jo
9. Steve
Young Chas
[Grosvenor: YOUNGCHAS]
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Posts: 3958.
17/03/2018 08:52
|Sad to see this pub may be demolished .

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Posts: 4058.
17/03/2018 11:09
|Yes apparently it is not viable to repair according to the brewery frown
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Posts: 4058.
22/03/2018 23:32
|Penultimate week at the Swan and 7 players fighting it out for the much needed points to ensure qualification on this 1 x month qualifying period.

A win for Barbara and high hand quad 3's (runner runner too!) for Steve.

1) Barbar
2) Steve
3) Me
4) Sarah
5) Kim
6) Kev
7) Aaron
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Posts: 4058.
30/03/2018 11:08
|Last game at The Swan frown

Just 6 of us but nice to see Roxy for her 1st game with us. Not a great finish for her but hopefully she will sneak into the reserve places smile

Well I was on fire from the off cool with some good play mixed with a bit of luck, although some may say it was more luck than judgement blushblushblushblush

First out Kev my 10 10 into his AA with a nice 2 outer for me on the river, sorry Kev kiss

Then Roxy called my all in shove having made a set of 4's on the flop only for me to complete my up and down straight draw. Sorry Rox kiss blush

Next victim Barbara, short stack JK into my AK and she couldn't improve so it was 4th place for Barbara and chip stack improving nicely. Sorry Barbara kiss

Kim out in 3rd, short stack with live cards but she couldn't halt the runaway train smile Sorry Kim blush

Heads up lasted all of 2 or 3 hands as with an almost 10-1 chip lead Sarah went to the rail in 2nd place. Sorry Sarah blush

A masterful display of power poker .............. or was I just a jammy sod on the night? I'll leave you to make up your mind on that one.

High hand for Barbara full boat 7's over 8's

Sad to leave the venue but onward and upwards at The Queens Head next week.

1. Charlie
2. Sarah
3. Kimbo
4. Barbara
5. Rox
6. Kev
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