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LPPL Online wef Sept 2016 & Player Nicknames

Live and Online Events / LPPL Online Poker
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Irish Tom
[Grosvenor: ITom65]
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Posts: 3466.
30/08/2016 18:29
|All future LPPL Online games will be held on the APAT/Grosvenor software… to download the software click on this link and follow the instructions.

Members/Players must ensure they advise LPPL of their APAT/Grosvenor online NICKNAME via THIS THREAD (ie the name that is visible to other players when you are seated at a table) to ensure that prizes and points, where relevant, can be allocated accordingly.

A list of player Nicknames and Real Names will be maintained on this thread.
Irish Tom
[Grosvenor: ITom65]
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Posts: 3466.
Today 09:20
|APAT/Grosvenor list of Player Nicknames/Real Names:

4foxake - Mark Fullarton
Avvitt - Claire Burt
Deviousdiva2 - Isabel 'Devious Diva' Boyle
djw38uk - Dave 'Minty' Waller
Flard - Andy 'Flard' Stott
ITom65 - Tom 'Irish Tom' Brady
lppleos - Graham 'FKOne' Thomson
LPPL_Mack - Jason 'Mack' McBurnie
Paxo666 - Dave 'Paxo' Paxton
Sapper591 - Derek 'Delwat' Watson
TheBeast72 - Joe 'The Beast' Gaynard
YOUNGCHAS - Ian Charles 'Young Chas' Lee
SUMO57 - Keith Watson
ffsfkwhy - Alex 'fishy' fish
kanovargp -Dave Burt
Incognito_apat - Gary Broom
Spartan735 - Kev Stanswood
mazza58 - Marian Jones
FISHPFC - David Kingswell
trucker343 - Peter Berry
baconears - Geoff Hallam
Spacedoutalien - gerard hendrick
XPDeus -Charlie Press
Sandyeos - sandy drennan
Bolshie - Richard 'Bolshie' Faria
pitbull1969-andrew coultard
fuuman..stuart rankin
KevatG – Kevin Greathead
stueyb1a - Stuart Burt
Avvitt - Claire Burt
Mrbtings – Craig Smith
Frogsfrolic - Geoff Little
Pandapenman - Gordon penman
witch61 - Joan McDonald
Marshallow -Bob Law
zygmanfox - Steve Bradbury
JWAH - John Hunter
thetimelord - Eddie Carberry
kinkykeatzlppl - Nikita Williamson
sheeponkey - Stevie Martin
passtokoren - Stu Bell
Acedog - Barrie Penman
Kwakman - Lee Walton

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Posts: 2165.
15/11/2016 20:26
|Had problems a while back but now back on had to change name to Spaced....out
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Posts: 3589.
Today 09:20
|Anyone know who Kozma is please ?
[Grosvenor : 4foxake]
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Posts: 118.
Today 09:32
|Think it's Kieth best kim
[Grosvenor: Paxo666]
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Posts: 2757.
Today 11:14
|Yep Kozma is definitely Keith Best.
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