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£5k Cash Game Profit Leaderboard Sept 2016

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Irish Tom
[Grosvenor: ITom65]
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Posts: 3578.
31/08/2016 15:02
|To take part in the £5k Cash Game Profit Leaderboard firstly download the APAT/Grosvenor poker software by following the instructions via this link

There's a great new £5k Cash Game Profit Leaderboard with Grosvenor for the next month (Sept 2016).

Want to see who is really the boss at your level? The Cash Game Profit Leaderboard gives you extra cash for winning during the month of September, but don’t worry – this promotion isn’t just for the big spenders and the playing field has been levelled by limiting the offer to CASH GAMES WITH BLINDS OF €1/€2 AND LOWER.

Can you make enough big calls, huge bluffs and tough folds to reign supreme? With an entire month to climb the rankings, you could grab the top prizes.

To earn your share you need to opt-in by registering in the Grosvenor poker software under the Freeroll tab “£5K PROFIT LEADERBOARD”. Click join to be part of the promotion (exactly as you would if registering for a tournament).

Opt-in from now until 23rd September to join the party. Leaderboard updated every weekday.

Position / Prize £

1st £1500
2nd £1000
3rd £750
4th £500
5th £300
6th £200
7th £125
8th £100
9th £75
10th £75
11th £50
12th £50
13th £50
14th £50
15th £50
16th £25
17th £25
18th £25
19th £25
20th £25
Irish Tom
[Grosvenor: ITom65]
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Posts: 3578.
31/08/2016 17:18
|Some info from our Grosvenor point of contact:

Just to add a little to this guys, we were aware that players with big bankrolls could come in and easily swoop the 1st prize of £1500 by playing 1 hand of 10/20 for example, so the qualifying levels for profit throughout the month are capped at €1/€2 blinds and below.

If this promo had been running this month a player with just £525 profit playing mainly 50nl would have won £1500.....

Don't forget to opt in...
[Grosvenor: Kanovargp]
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Posts: 2020.
31/08/2016 18:13
|Been playing the cash here for a while now, just come off the back off a £5 random drop promo, I got two drops.
Seems pretty good on the promo fronts so far.

Also don't forget, the weekend free rollers for cash game players.
Irish Tom
[Grosvenor: ITom65]
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Posts: 3578.
04/09/2016 01:35
|Don't forget... anyone wishing to take part opt-in before 23rd Sept... and all 'winnings' backdated to 1st Sept will be counted.... cool
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