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Inter league weekend

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The Gooner
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Posts: 36.
17/09/2017 10:57
|Would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to hunters for the inter league this weekend its been a fantastic couple of days hope everyone had a good time and will see you all soon at nationals i hope
[Grosvenor: Paxo666]
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Posts: 3042.
17/09/2017 11:50
|Thanks Tony, was a great weekend, thank you for the hospitality, venue is great, bar staff exceptional, and I, for one, enjoyed it, probably a little bit too much! Met some great friends, made a couple of new ones, and generally had a great time. Can't wait til the next one back up in Scotland! Well done to EOS, much deserved win.
Defying Gravity
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Posts: 2251.
17/09/2017 13:03
|Agreed was an amazing weekend.... well done Tom and co!! And the barstaff for managing to keep up with the jager train.... the food pull off was outstanding too! .... it us one of my favorite poker events.... just for cuddles lol like I said to paxo outside it's not about the poker it's about seeing the family (all be it a very strange looking one lol)...see you hopefully next year kiss
Young Chas
[Grosvenor: YOUNGCHAS]
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Posts: 3854.
17/09/2017 15:08
|Great event congratulations EOS , really looking forward to Dunfirmlin / Falkirk next year book the venue and the date NOW .

Will be there as a reserve for any team .
The Gooner
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Posts: 36.
17/09/2017 16:35
|Just want to add the lady who makes the cakes that bread pudding is to die for just like my nan use to make brings back good memories thank you !!
The Rock
[Grosvenor -mechanicalanimal]
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Posts: 810.
17/09/2017 16:42
|What a great interleague. The atmosphere was great on the final table. Well played EOS, I'm surprised we got a second place, given how short we were most of final table, (except Nick ha!)but I'll take it, until the next one!

Last edited by The Rock on 17/09/2017 at 16:42:22
[Grosvenor: mazza58]
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Posts: 920.
17/09/2017 16:41
|That is Hazel from Southern area. She is a master cake baker including bread pudding. mmm
We get to be spoiled a lot down south. You will have to move down here lol.
[Grosvenor: Flard]
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Posts: 3628.
17/09/2017 16:44
|Just putting this out there to train was epic and stopped at many stations didn't it Paxo, as was the whole
Day one of my favourite events on the lppl calendar well done EOS brilliant result let's hope that the other teams show as much commitment to making next years event as you and WOS have done over the years I've been playing never failing to turn up or let us down and turning up in numbers I for one will be there next year if I manage to get in a team
The Gooner
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Posts: 36.
17/09/2017 16:45
|Think i will have to wait till nationals for my next fix
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Posts: 319.
17/09/2017 16:47
|I would like to thank the Humber team for a brilliant weekend. Congratulations to East of Scotland on the win, obviously disappointed to lose heads up but we know we rode our luck (a little) 😁😄😁 split pot....
Everyone played as a team, that's why we were successful, so everyone deserves a mention but a couple of stand out individuals; Toby for winning his table and being solid on the final table and Del for unselfishly taking one or two drinks for the team on the Jaeger bomb train!!!
Thanks to Tom, Kim and Lucy (secret member of Team Humber) for dealing brilliantly.
Super proud!!
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