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Midlands AF (Northfield Cons Club) 25/03/2018

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Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1834.
27/03/2018 20:37
The Final 8 Photo.
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1834.
27/03/2018 20:38
3rd Place. Ashley Chilton
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1834.
27/03/2018 20:39
Anne Marigny goes heads up with Lewis Doherty
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1834.
27/03/2018 20:39
2nd Place. Lewis Doherty
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1834.
27/03/2018 20:40
Congratulations to our new Champion.

Anne Marigny
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1834.
27/03/2018 20:41
Anne is chuffed smile
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1834.
27/03/2018 20:42
Anne, Anne and the very quiet man smile
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1834.
27/03/2018 20:43
Not to forget our Leaderboard Top Dog

Kevin Morris
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1834.
27/03/2018 20:44
|Full Result.
[Grosvenor: lppleos]
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Posts: 9724.
28/03/2018 00:26
|wow half the ft female
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1834.
28/03/2018 00:39
|Which one of the 5 guys are you calling a female Gray? haha

A great effort from the Girls though your absolutely right.

Only 5/32 were female so a great effort
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1834.
29/03/2018 21:14
|As always, thanks to our hosts.

I have mentioned them in my earlier post but doing it again here.
Alfie and his wife Margaret, and Rod and Gerry put a lot of time and effort and money into catering for us so well, which everyone appreciated and commented about.

Spanner and Kim, Nicky and Laura worked tirelessly behind the bar, so hopefully The Club had a good day too.

The Game.

32 players took their seats at the start, and amongst them we welcomed two Area Final debutants in Ron and Liz Winder, and also welcomed back a player from the past in Craig McGuinness.

It didn’t take to long for the poker gods to dish out their first bad beat of the day, when Joe Awome’s A A was defeated by Bill Gregory’s Q Q leaving Joe short stacked, but it wasn’t until level 4 that we lost our first player, when Roy Walsh moved all in on a low flop with J J only to find Ron Winder had hit a set of 2’s.

Ron’s wife Liz was having no such luck though, and was next out when on an Ace high flop her chips were all in holding A 10 only to be called by Jurijus holding A J with his Jack taking the pot.

Meanwhile, Burton old boy Craig McGuinness was living a charmed life, especially in a big hand against Alison Awome. Craig’s A 9 was in bad shape pre flop against Alison’s A K and in terrible shape at the turn with the board running A J J K but a miraculous river card Jack saved him for a split pot.

By the time food break arrived at about 4.15pm we had lost exactly half of the field and Viktors was heading that field, and with the returning blinds at 800 -1600 it would be crunch time for some when the game resumed.

Chip stacks at this stage in order were:

1. Viktors Kursitis 41.7k
2. James Whipp 33.9k
3. Alison Awome 31.1k
4. Patrick Hunting 28k
5. Kevin Morris 23.1k
6. Ashley Chilton 20.3k
7. Lewis Doherty 17k
8. Paul “ Alfie” Guise 14.3k
9. Stuart Challinton 13.4k
10. Luke Pelech 12.8k
11. Jim Scullion 9.4k
12. Craig McGuinness 9k
13. Vicky Lanchester 8.9k
14. Anne Marigny 6k
15. Duncan Taylor 4.4k
16. Mark Hodson Walker 2.6k

Shortly after break we lost Stuart and Craig in quick succession, followed by Mark who managed to ladder his 1.5 bb stack 2 places up the board.

It was at this stage that both Vicky and Anne were improving their short stacks and starting to move up the leaderboard, and by the time Duncan Taylor became our Final table bubble, both were in good shape with over 20k.

Final Table Seat Draw & Chipstacks:

1. Lewis Doherty 46k
2. James Whipp 39k
3. Vicky Lanchester 20.5k
4. Viktors Kursitis 28k
5. Alison Awome 21.5k
6. Kevin Morris 42.5k
7. Anne Marigny 21.5k
8. Ashley Chilton 63k

At this stage we had a new leader in Ashley, plus 4 of the 8 players remaining were playing their 2nd Final Table in a row.

Nobody was out of it either as there were no real short stacks, and Alison was left flying the flag for the Brummie’s.

The first big hand on Final Table saw Alison double up after she had moved all in with 4 4. Lewis snap called with
J J but a 4 on the river dented his stack.

We also had a bizarre hand between Anne and Lewis, with both holding K 10 suited, with Anne’s suit being clubs. The flop brought the A and Q of clubs and a possible Royal Flush draw giving Lewis a sweat for his Tournament life, but no further clubs meant the chips were split.

8th Place: Vicky Lanchester

Very unlucky here.
Vicky had K K v A Q of Kevin with the board running out 4 Q 6 A 7
Another great effort making Final Table again though for the very consistent Vicky.

Am not certain, but I think that may have been 3 Area Final tables in a row 

7th Place: Viktors Kursitis

A great effort from Viktors ended when he went All In for 11.5k with K J

Alison, then went all in too and when everyone else folded Victors K J was no match for Alison’s A A

Viktors also made Final Table last time out too so he is becoming a player to watch out for.

6th Place: Kevin Morris

Leaderboard Top Dog Kevin was next out, and unluckily too when his A Q met Anne’s A 7 with the board running out

7 6 5 3 2

Defending Champion Kevin also showing some consistency making Final Table again.

Congratulations too on being Leaderboard Top Dog.

By now Anne was a big chip leader in the Tournament.

5th Place: Alison Awome

Yet another Final Table for Alison, making her the most consistent Brummie player in these Events.

Alison holding 3 3 raised pre flop to 32k
Anne called the bet

The flop came 6 A 9 to which Alison moved all in.

Anne called and tabled A Q and with an Ace on the turn and a 5 on the river Alison’s Tournament was over, but well played again to Alison, another great effort and top Brummie on the day

Anne was now a massive chip leader and a huge favourite.

4th Place: James Whipp

Another consistent performer here in James. Also made Final table last time out.

Jim was all in for 24k with J 10
Ashley moved all in to isolate with A Q

The board ran out A 6 3 6 3

So James was our unlucky prize bubble

3rd Place: Ashley Chilton wins (25,000 Reward Points)

A really good performance from Ashley. Tried hard to step the pace up against Anne but Anne held her own to her credit.

I thought his aggressive play might win through in the end, but after a Cheeky/Clever bluff from Lewis de railed him a few minutes earlier, he then got Very Unlucky when all in against Lewis with A 8 v A 3.

The board ran kindly for Lewis though 10 2 Q 3 3

So we were then Heads Up with Anne heading the way.
Anne Marigny 172K
Lewis Doherty 110K

2nd Place: Lewis Doherty wins (a Bronze Poker Package) and a place in the Midlands IL14 Team.

Heads Up didn’t last too long, and with Anne holding a 62K chip advantage at the start, Lewis was always going to be the vulnerable player if all the chips went in the middle early on which is just what happened.

On a flop of 8 9 2

Lewis holding 8 7 pushed all in.

Anne thought for a moment and decided to call with her A 2 having hit a pair of 2’s, which left Lewis favourite with 2 cards to come, but an Ace on the turn, turned things Anne’s way and a Queen on the river sealed the day.

Well played to Lewis, made a really good fight back on Final Table almost taking it down after going down to 1 big blind with 5 players remaining, and used his honest Guy image well to pull off that cheeky bluff that gave him the edge over Ashley.

1st Place: Anne Marigny wins (a Gold Poker Package) and a place in the Midlands IL14 Team.

Very many Congratulations to Anne.

As she honesty admitted, the Poker Gods were with her on the day, but no Poker Tournament is ever won without having some good fortune along the way, and the fight back she made from 14th place with 16 players remaining to take it down made her a very worthy winner.

Enjoy Dublin you will love it. smile

Full Result.

Finally, thanks to everyone present on Sunday for making it a really good day. smile
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