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Lincolnshire Half Moon Fishing Match

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Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
24/03/2018 14:26
|I'm posting this on Facebook Lincs LPPL page as well, if you're on it you're probably better replying there as I think it's got a wider audience. I've posted it here too in case any of you don't have Facebook.

This Sunday will see the latest Lincs regional donkathon with me as your TD, usual house rules apply, you know that stuff already!

I should have been TDing a final 3 doors away from my house but 2 potential Lincs TDs have decided to qualify for that themselves leaving Lincs short of a TD. Good old Dan to save the day!!! tongue

I'm not going to name the two players, I'll just give you a clue, a name starting with P that sounds like and is almost an anagram of Kippers for one of them, the other one is called "Iam Acock" with a few strategically placed Ls to hide the fact grin

The Half Moon Hotel
25-28 West Street, Alford, Lincs, LN13 9DG

I don't know what parking is like, I ran a final there once before but can't remember, can anyone advise?

Everyone that has qualified and the one eligible reserve are guaranteed to get a game if they show, there are 64 seats and only a total of 61 people eligible to take them as their are 8 venue champions seats with only 4 taken and there is only 1 eligible reserve leaving 3 empty. Hopefully of the 61 qualified the turnout will be higher than normally considering what you're playing for!

1 24824 Barbara 'Papillion' Press 11k
2 24114 Charlie 'SSSSMOKIN' Press 10k
3 44535 Antony 'Tony' Blee 10k
4 35467 David Simpson 9k
5 47352 alan 'rico' richardson 10k
6 47711 Ray Logan 9k
7 32945 lesley 'Jelly bean' warren 10k
8 47027 Mark Reed 10k
9 25466 Tracey 'bagsy' Baggott 10k
10 46152 Paul 'WIGSY' Widnall 9k
10 46894 roger 'the splodge' saunders 10k
12 47231 George Thompson 9k
13 31193 Brian 'Messiah' Robinson 10k
13 40982 Robert 'Rob' Simpson 9k
15 48290 Ben 'Benji' West 9k
16 18443 Alan 'Open1eye' Ledwell-Clarke 9k
17 48524 Jack 'Woodsy' Woods 9k
18 47410 Paul Lanfranco 9k
19 48359 James 'Whirlwind' White 9k
20 47181 Allen NewPlayer 9k
21 48116 John McBarron 9k
22 44392 Tony 'The Gooner' Saunders 10k
23 42893 Andrew 'The Egg Man' OShea 10k
23 24876 john 'geordie' bestford 8k
25 46154 Steven 'STEVIEBOY' Kenneley 8k
26 48200 Tom Maher 8k
27 41340 Alan 'totalsnooker' Haycock 8k
28 48380 Albert 'Al' Van jaarsveld 10k
29 47287 Barrie Dawson 8k
29 44712 Mark 'LEVO' Leverett 8k
31 29252 Joanne Ledwell-Clarke 8k
32 46153 Suzanne 'SUZY' Widnall 8k
33 44290 Jaimie Brown 8k
34 48052 Ian 'Tubbs' Cunningham 8k
35 48418 Leanne Marshall 8k
36 48668 Kevin Rutherford 8k
37 37683 ian 'iggy' gray 8k
38 47623 Dena 'They look nice!' Kennedy 8k
39 47317 Lauren 'Lozziie' Grooby 8k
40 42063 Sarah Hardy 8k
41 45740 Joe Bates 8k
42 46353 stuart burt 8k
43 46326 Kimberly 'Queenie' Whybrow 8k
44 48218 Jordan 'Heavy J' Bent 8k
45 48724 Piotr 'SnowRipple' Chudzik 8k
46 46015 Aaron O'Brien 8k
46 48449 Duncan 'Dunc' Bustin 8k
48 46354 Claire Burt 8k
49 37478 Alan Bell 8k
50 33498 Andy 'Flard' Stott 8k
51 29466 Geoff 'tiny' Little 8k
52 33930 Dave 'Chucky' Burt 8k
53 47999 Charlie 'Venomeye' Tait 8k
54 34479 hedley 'trigg' goddard 8k
55 46427 Margo 'The Witch' Parsons 8k
56 45656 Eric 'The Player' Lamour 8k

Venue Champs
5 48201 Danny 'wolfman' Dowding - Hammer & Pincers 8k
6 31145 Ian Charles 'Young Chas' Lee - Hammer & Pincers (sun) 8k
9 45655 Paul 'Ace Man' Tierney - The Black Bull (Sun) 8k
2 32489 Brian 'chunky nuts' Walsh - The Half Moon 8k

Eligible Reserves
58 48577 Ronald Oliver 8k

Prizes are
1st: POP Las Vegas WSOP
2nd: Silver Poker Package
3rd: Bronze Poker Package
4th: 100,000 Reward Points
5th: 30,000 Reward Points
6th: 25,000 Reward Points
7th: 20,000 Reward Points
8th: 10,000 Reward Points
Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
24/03/2018 14:35
|Who fancies playing a game?

£5 per person to play.
Pick which 8 players you think are most likely to win.

Each players will be scored on their finishing position (1st out 0, 2nd out 1, 3rd out 2 etc to the winner - if 50 turn up, the winner will score 49 points)

The score of each player you pick will be added together, whoever gets the highest score gets £50, second gets a bottle of Baileys.

I'm providing both of the prizes myself and all the money taken in will go to Lindsey Lodge Hospice in Scunthorpe where my mum passed away in 2015.

Entries have to be in before the game begins tomorrow.
Young Chas
[Grosvenor: YOUNGCHAS]
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Posts: 3958.
24/03/2018 15:12
|parking no problem , car park at pub also on street parking .
Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
24/03/2018 15:28
|Cheers Chas, do you fancy a bet on the winners?
[Grosvenor: Paxo666]
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Posts: 3125.
24/03/2018 17:34
|As spoken about on messenger Dan, here are my 8 players:-

Barbara Press
Tracey Baggott
Tony Blee
George Thompson
Paul Lanfranco
Stuart Burt

Money transfer on way as advised. cool

Last edited by Paxo on 24/03/2018 at 17:34:32
Young Chas
[Grosvenor: YOUNGCHAS]
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Posts: 3958.
24/03/2018 17:47

I don't think Chucky is going , although that mighy have been the last one .smilesmilesmilesmilesmile.

My selection will be

Me Brian Walsh Tracey Baggott Charlie Press

Flard Geoff Little Claire Burt and Barbara Press .

Last edited by Young Chas on 24/03/2018 at 17:47:26
[Grosvenor: Flard]
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Posts: 3718.
24/03/2018 17:26
|Lesley not playing
[Grosvenor: Sapper591]
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Posts: 19808.
25/03/2018 20:07
|Nice updates by the TD
[Grosvenor: Flard]
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Posts: 3718.
26/03/2018 08:32
|Well done tracey Baggott MVP in Lincolnshire atm
Young Chas
[Grosvenor: YOUNGCHAS]
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Posts: 3958.
26/03/2018 11:14
|Congratulations Tracy and all players who made final table .

Thanks to Leanne for taking me there and also Claire for the birthday cakes and to the LPPL choir for there rendition of Happy Birthday .

Roll on Grantham.
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