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Humber Area Final

LPPL Area Leagues - players share their news and chat / Humber
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Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
24/06/2018 10:19
|Sorry for the extremely late thread, worst TD ever by far blush blush blush blush (bring back Mongo to do a better job tongue )

Area final today, 12.45 close of registration for a 1pm start. Usual house rules apply you know this stuff guys!!!

Station Road, Gunness, Scunthorpe, DN15 8SX.

Pub has a car park, if it's full (I don't think it will fill) go back to the bend where the Jolly Sailor is and take the road off there from the bend, there's some street parking there.

1st Silver package
2nd Bronze package
3rd 50000 points
4th 25000 points
Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
24/06/2018 10:41
|34 players are eligible to play, 30 qualifiers, 2 VCs and 2 reserves.

As there are 35 seats that means all 34 players will get a game as long as they turn up, reserves included.
I'm going to start with 4 tables, if everyone turns up (which I don't think they will!) 2 of which will be 9 handed.

Table draw obviously subject to balancing for no shows (if your name hasn't got a chip stack next to it you start with 8k)

Table 1:
1. Amanda Callaway 9k
2. Mandy Coultard
3. Anthony 'enter me as Bozo' Pickering
4. Steven Brooks 9k
5. Mark Cranidge
6. Mike Freer 10k
7. Chris Lythgoe 10k
8. Toby Bodycombe
9. Derek Tizzard

Table 2:
1. Rob Storey 11k
2. Richard Jameson 10k
3. Vaughan Hasselby 9k
4. Joe Gaynard 10k
5. Liam Alcock
6. Dave Stones
7. Kev Kent
8. Andy Coultard 9k
9. Steve Geggy

Table 3:
1. Graham Ranyard 9k
2. Di Brookes 9k
3. Sean Snell 9k
4. Virginia Lynskey 10k
5. Del Watson 10k
6. Jim Cannon 10k
7. Dave Hargreaves
8. Paul Sisson

Table 4:
1. Keely Barrett 9k
2. Michael Clark
3. Mel Cadman
4. Laura Pottage 9k
5. Chris Laverack
6. Jesse Bentley
7. Jeff Moloney
8. Brandon Stannard
The Beast
[Grosvenor: TheBeast72]
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Posts: 132.
24/06/2018 11:13
|Brandon and Geggy aren’t playing.
Interesting table, not sure how much longer I can continue two outering Liam!
[Grosvenor: Sapper591]
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Posts: 19802.
24/06/2018 21:27
|Well Done Steve Brooks
Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
25/06/2018 07:10
|Well done Steve.
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