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Midlands Area Final (Stretton Social Club) 23/09/2018

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Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1862.
08/09/2018 00:51
|Midlands Area Final: 23rd September 2018

Stretton Social Club
Beech Lane,
Stretton, Burton on Trent,
DE13 0DU

1st = Gold Poker Package + Champions Card Protector
2nd = Silver Poker Package
3rd = Bronze Poker Package

Gold Poker Package… valued around £300-£500 depending on individual LPPL shop product bought. (can be used for IPO Dublin)

Silver Package…valued around £175 - £225 depending on individual LPPL shop product bought

Bronze Poker Package... valued around £75-£125 depending on individual LPPL shop product bought

Hi Everyone.

Sunday 23rd September sees the June/July/August 18 Midlands Leaderboard (Area Final).

I will again be your TD for the day.

As per normal I plan to be at the Venue around Midday to get the tables set up then registration will open.

Registration will close at 12.45 prompt.

Any spare seats at this stage will be offered to qualifying reserves in Leaderboard order.

Please Note!

Only 4 of our 7 Venue Champion Seats have been claimed this time meaning the first 3 reserves in Leaderboard order are guaranteed a game so long as they are at the Venue by close of Registration at 12.45.

Can all qualified players wishing to play in this Event please be at the Venue before Registration Closes otherwise you may risk losing your Seat to a reserve.

Once Registration is closed, The seat draw will then be done using, The Tournament Director Software. This should then allow plenty of time to get everyone seated and start the tournament on time at 1pm.


Hopefully we won’t have any of these, but just so that you all understand the ruling on this.

Once the game begins, providing all seats aren’t already taken then (Pre Qualified) Latecomers will be accommodated (with the relevant chip deductions) until the end of Level 2 depending on certain criteria’s being met by that player.

For full ruling see below.

Reserves cannot be Latecomers !





Latecomers may join in the game anytime before the start of the 3rd Blind Level but providing that there is at least 24 players remaining in the game BEFORE THE LATECOMER JOINS OR if there were less than 24 players who actually signed-up and started the game on time, the Latecomer may join if, at the point of joining, no-one has actually been knocked out of the tournament - eg if 24 players started and they are all still in the game when the Latecomer joins then they can join, but those who join during the 1st Blind level will start with 4000 chips (deduction of 1000 chips) and those who join during the 2nd Blind level will start with 2500 chips (deduction of 2500 chips). start stack).

If a player arrives within 5 minutes of the game start and the above ruling regarding the number of players who started the game is still intact, the player may join the game without penalty of loss of starting stack. The player however must immediately post a dead big blind to "enter" the game, even if he is seated in a blind position.

Under no circumstances are players allowed to register in advance without being on the venue premises – all registered players must take their seat for the start of the tournament or they will be treated as a Latecomer – anyone not seated at the ‘shuffle up and deal’ call will have the appropriate number of chips removed from their stack by the TD (1000 during 1st blind level) after 5 minutes AND the table will post their blinds when due until they take their seat, where their whereabouts are unknown and potentially they have gone AWOL (ie not in toilets, at bar, finishing off a smoke etc) – if they have not taken their seat by the start of the 2nd blind level a further 1500 chips will be removed by the TD.

As always, If anyone knows of any qualified players who aren’t intending to play, can you post on here or our Facebook Group, so that we can let any reserves know that they have a potential place pre game. Cheers

A Qualifying List and starting stacks are below.

1 40144 Steve 'Poker Rat' Timmis 11k
2 48796 stephanie winder 9k
3 48590 Ashley 'Chillo' Chilton 9k
4 48208 Viktors 'BetVictor' Kursitis 9k
5 40060 Kevin 'brewerboy' Morris 9k
6 48684 Liz 'Lizzie dripping' Winder 10k
7 48478 Carol Williamson 9k
8 48797 Darrell Winder 9k
9 48798 Carl Ritson 9k
10 47878 Anne Marigny 9k
11 48806 James O’Grady 9k
12 43779 mark hodson-walker 10k
13 28643 John 'Jacobite' Hall 10k
14 29503 Pete 'Chelsea' Brood 10k
15 41871 Wayne Groves 10k
16 42082 Beryl Thacker 8k
17 48759 jason green 10k
18 41188 james 'dustyjim' whipp 8k
19 48682 Ron Winder 8k
20 47825 John Gregory 8k
21 39374 Mark 'Stoney' Stone 8k
22 48477 Gordon Hird 8k
23 30834 Jim 'Jimmy Vegas' Scullion 10k
24 39555 Duncan Taylor 10k
25 30833 Stuart 'The Demon' Challinton (B.M.C) 8k
26 32147 david 'ginge' lear 8k
27 48848 Diane Stone 8k
28 30866 Paul 'Alfie' Guise (B.M.C) 8k
29 48695 David Morris 8k
30 31417 Aiden Grannell 10k
31 33711 joe 'awesome' awome 8k
32 48604 Jack Turner 8k
33 44137 vicky lanchester 8k
34 44136 dan tyler 8k
35 48479 Scott Andrews 8k

Venue Champs
2 30967 Bill 'The Captain' Killilea - Northfield Conservative 8k
6 48444 Simon Duff - The Grange Inn 8k
4 48837 martin 'ALLTHEACES18' whetton - The Wyggeston 8k
6 48850 Ellen Robson - The Coach House 8k

Qualifying reserves (Receive 8k if they play)
36 48746 Chance King
37 37201 Nigel 'Moose' Peach
39 46209 bill gregory
40 48779 Brandon Ridgway
41 48352 Dainis Sveics

Congratulations to Duncan Taylor our current Champion who will hopefully be defending his Crown, and Congratulations also to Steven Timmis for becoming Midlands Top Dog for the 7th time.

Look forward to seeing you there smile
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1862.
14/10/2018 12:15
|34 starters at very impressive Stretton Social Club

Down to last 11 who are in no particular order

Ashley Chilton
Mark Stone
Wayne Groves
Gordon Hird

James Whipp
Kevin Morris
Steve Timmis
Dainis Sveics
David Lear
Viltors kuritis

Last edited by Graa (LPPL) on 14/10/2018 at 12:15:36
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1862.
23/09/2018 18:52
|Last 4 rough chipstacks

Ashley Chilton 18k
Steve Timmis 53k
Mark Stone 104k
Gordon Hird 115k

Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1862.
23/09/2018 20:59
|Big Congratulations to Mark "stoney"Stone on becoming our New Champion beating a gallant Gordon Hird into second place after a short but lively heads up battle.
Well Done To Steve Timmis on yet another prize finishing in 3rd. Unlucky to Ashley Chilton finishing as prize bubble when his dreaded hand J J let him down again. More to follow
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1862.
12/10/2018 20:46
|Midlands Area Final “Stretton Social Club” 23/09/2018

Firstly, a few people to thank.

To the Two Ian’s and all the Staff at Stretton Social Club thank you for being brilliant Hosts and allowing us to use your spacious function room with Tv’s etc for comfort. For the food which was very nice too.

To Kevin Morris for organising a couple of table tops off Lyn Burton at The Duke of York. Many Thanks Lyn for lending them to us, your a star. smile and to James for returning them after. Your all stars lol smile
To James Whipp and Beryl Thacker for helping me set up.
To Liz for arranging the collection towards the food, the players who were generous towards it.

To James Whipp and Vicky who dealt Final Table for me, and Diane who offered but decided it was better to watch her other half take down the Tournament from the side.

The Game.
Not maxed out this time for a number of reasons but 34 players were sat at the start so a decent turn out. As usual play was cagey to begin with although Liz, Ashley and Dainis all had a really bad first session.

Not sure what happened to Ashley and Dainis but Liz was hugely unlucky when put to the test on a board of J A J J K when holding an Ace faced a massive bet for almost all of her chips.
Viktors was doing a fair bit of chatting so it was hard to know if he was bluffing or not and after a long think Liz called with her Full House only for Viktors to reveal the 4th Jack. Ouch!

As first break arrived our leaders were.

Viktors Kuritis 23.6K
Wayne Groves 19K
John Hall 16.8K
Steve Timmis 16.8K
Mark Stone 16.4K
Joe Awome 16.1K
James Whipp 15.9K

After the restart David Lear had a lucky escape against Mark Hodson Walker when all in with K J v A A the board brought out a straight of 4 7 8 6 5.

We also lost our first few players with the unfortunate Liz first to go followed by Hubby Ron and with the blinds getting higher players were having to take more risks.

Defending Champion Duncan Taylor was soon to fall too in 25th place when his A J v 7 7 got no help from the board.

The unlucky Carl Ritson fell in 21st place after getting his chips in good with A Q suited v A 5 of Martin Whetton but a 5 on the board put Carl out. Carl was followed by John Gregory and a former Champion Anne Marigny in 19thplace.

At Food Break we still had 17 players (exactly half the field) with both Steve Timmis and James Whipp leading the way with exactly the same amount of chips and Wayne Groves, Mark Stone and Viktors Kuritis chasing behind, and Scott, Gordon, Beryl, Diane and Kevin hanging on by their finger nails, and Paul “Alfie” Guise was the sole Brummie left flying the flag for Brum of the 5 players that played.

Chip stacks at this stage:

Table 1
Ashley Chilton 8,400
Paul “Alfie” Guise 18,700
Scott Andrews 2,300
John Hall 9,600
Wayne Groves 29,700
Gordon Hird 4,000

Table 2
James Whipp 44,200
Stephanie Winder 8,200
Beryl Thacker 2,200
Dainis Sveics 17,400
Diane Stone 4,300

Table 3
Kevin Morris 4,000
Martin Whetton 9,700
Viktors Kuritis 18,700
Steve Timmis 44,200
Mark Stone 29,500
David Lear 41,200

Play restarted and almost immediately we lost our two shortest stacks in Beryl and Scott followed by Diane Stone finishing a very respectable 15th place in her first Final, but our other short stack at food break Gordon Hird was fairing much better and was right back in the game.

Diane was followed by Martin Whetton (14th) playing in his 1st Final and Stephanie Winder(13th) in her 2nd Final, both finishing well up the board and good points towards the F.O.P.P Leaderboard.
Some experienced Area Final past “Winners” followed them out next.

12. John Hall
11. Kevin Morris (twice)
10. James Whipp
9. Paul “ Alfie” Guise” (twice)

With Top Brummie on the day Paul “Alfie” Guise our Final table bubble.

Final Table Seat draw and Chipstacks/ Area Final Tables/Area Final Wins

1. Dainis Sveics 7,500 1 FT / 0 Wins
2. Viktors Kuritis 41,500 3 FT / 0 Wins
3. Wayne Groves 25,500 3FT / 0 Wins
4. Ashley Chilton 40,500 2FT / 0 Wins
5. Steve Timmis 60,500 16FT / 5 Wins
6. Gordon Hird 14,500 2FT / 0 Wins
7. Mark Stone 30,000 1FT / 0 Wins
8. David Lear 78,000 3FT / 0 Wins

David Lear was in a very comfortable lead as FT began, but with 5 times winner Steve Timmis sitting in second place and Ashley and Viktors close behind, the pressure was on.

The first major hand on Final table saw Mark “ stoney” Stone double up against Viktors to move into 3rd place and shortly afterwards we lost our first player off FT.

8. Dainis Sveics
Dainis had battled back amazingly well after a bad start to the Tournament to make Final Table and was unfortunate when his All In move with pocket 6 6 lost to Steve Timmis’s K Q when the board ran
K 9 5 7 A

7. Wayne Groves
Another Final Table for Wayne. Had the chips to win earlier on but wasn’t to be his day.
Wayne was All in with Q J and needing to improve on a flop of 9 A 10 versus Gordon’s call With A 9 with a 5 on the turn and 4 on the river being no help at all.

6. Viktors Kuritus
Viktors got off to a great start with his “Quad” Jacks and was in contention all day to win this, but that big hand early on, on FT against Stoney crippled his stack.
Viktors went All In in the small blind with J 8
Ashley Chilton in the big blind made the call with A 2
And with the board being of no help to Viktors and producing a 2 on the river he was out.

5. David Lear
Another player who had fought back well from having a big pocket pair smashed early on.
With a big chip lead at the start of FT David was a big favourite to win, but as we all know, if the poker gods aren’t with you it isn’t easy.
David lost two big hands in succession to send him out, the first on a flop of 9 8 3
Steve Timmis holding K 9 pushed all in for 24,500
David Holding K 8 made the call and Steve doubled up
He was then very unlucky losing the rest of his stack holding Top 2 pair versus Gordons straight.
Gordon A Q
David K J
Board K 10 3 J 8
We then saw what for me was the defining moment of the game when
Mark Stone made a great fold on a board of Q Q Q 5
With Gordon showing K Q

4. Ashley Chilton
Yet another player who battled back well from a bad start. Something he has done before too, so fair play to Ashley. Yet again it was the hand he hates soo much pocket Jacks that was his undoing.
So unfortunate to lose on FT again with that hand and on the prize bubble too.
Ashley J J
Steve A 10
Board K 2 10 10 Q

3. Steve Timmis (Wins a Bronze Poker Package)
What can you say about this guy. Follows up his 7th Leaderboard Top Dog by just missing out on his 6th Area Final Win, but yet another prize to his collection.
Well done Steve.
Steve was all in with 6 5 v K 4 of Mark
Board ran K Q 3 5 4

And so we reached heads up.
Gordon Hird playing in his 2nd Area Final v Mark Stone playing in his first Area Final
Chip stacks were close
Gordon Hird 154,000
Mark “stoney” Stone 145,000

Both players set about heads up with no fear whatsoever, with lots of flops being seen and contested, Mark won a very big pot to move ahead.

Then Gordon won the chips back when they both hit a flush.
Mark then won two nice pots to move nicely ahead, and then the final hand arrived.

The chips were in the middle with
Mark holding 10 10
Gordon 10 8
Board Q 8 2 5 J
And Mark was Champion.

2. Gordon Hird ( Wins a Silver Poker Package)
Well played to Gordon off an 8K stack.
Two Area Finals, and two Final tables too. Just missed out. If only Mark had called when he had “Quads” the outcome could have been so different.
Short stacked with 17 players left, and at the start of Final Table too. A great comeback. A nice prize and certain to have a big chip stack at F.O.P.P should he go.

1. Mark “stoney” Stone (Wins a Gold Poker Package + Champions Card Protector)
Playing in his first Area Final also off an 8K stack, Mark got off to a good start and had doubled his chips by 1st break and almost quadrupled them by Food Break.
Mark was always in contention to win this and his decision making on Final table (which was an enjoyable watch) was spot on. A very worthy winner.

Mark “stoney” Stone
Our latest LPPL Midlands Area Final Champion

Full result.

Latest F.O.P.P Standings.
I have been informed by Kim not to read too much into the cut off line for Qualifiers to the National Championship/National Cup as all players will qualify for the National Championship but with staggered chip stacks based on your position in the table (click link) below.

Note! All points scored at The December 2018 Area Final will also count towards you Final position on the National Leaderboard.

Look forward to seeing you again in December at The Coach House where we have been allocated a 4th place prize too smile
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1862.
12/10/2018 21:11
Stretton Social Club
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1862.
12/10/2018 21:11
The Final 8
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1862.
12/10/2018 21:12
Viktors gets paid off with Quad Jacks
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1862.
12/10/2018 21:13
3rd Place. Steve Timmis
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1862.
12/10/2018 21:14
Heads up.
Left. Gordon Hird
Right. Mark "stoney" Stone
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1862.
12/10/2018 21:15
2nd Place. Gordon Hird
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1862.
12/10/2018 21:16
Champion. Mark "stoney" Stone
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