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Humber Area Final Today

LPPL Area Leagues - players share their news and chat / Humber
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Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
16/09/2018 02:18
|Nice timely thread tongue

I'll be your TD for today, usual house rules apply. 1pm start.
32 qualifiers and no reserves eligible, everyone that turns up guaranteed a game.

Howden WMC
36 Bridgegate,Howden, Goole, North Humberside, DN14 7AB

1st: Silver Poker Package
2nd: Bronze Poker Package
3rd: 50,000 Reward Points
4th: 25,000 Reward Points

Table 1:
1. Laura Pottage (9k)
2. Ally Haywood
3. Matt Telfer
4. Andy Coultard
5. Virginia Lynskey (10k)
6. Richard Jameson
7. Dean Howard (10k)
8. Rob Joss

Table 2:
1. Stuart Bell
2. Matt Timm
3. Paul Sisson (11k)
4. Derek Tizzard (9k)
5. Mike Freer (10k)
6. Keely Barrett
7. Steve Brooks
8. Steve Gelder

Table 3:
1. Bingo Bob (9k)
2. Di Brooks
3. Kev Kent
4. Amanda Callaway (9k)
5. Joe Gaynard (9k)
6. Toby Bodycombe
7. Andy Storr
8. Liz Neal

Table 4:
1. Tom Bonser
2. Del Watson (10k)
3. Dave Stones
4. Nick Vidler (9k)
5. Chris Laverack
6. Sean Snell (9k)
7. Mandy Coultard
8. Mel Cadman (8k)
The Beast
[Grosvenor: TheBeast72]
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Posts: 132.
21/09/2018 13:27
|Any chance of the results any time soon Dan?
[Grosvenor: Sapper591]
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Posts: 19809.
22/09/2018 14:42
|Don't hold your Breath Joe.wink
The Beast
[Grosvenor: TheBeast72]
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Posts: 132.
22/09/2018 15:44
|Stu is very sad that he doesn’t have fame on the site as an area final winner yet!
[Grosvenor: Sapper591]
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Posts: 19809.
22/09/2018 16:17
|It will be a nice Christmas Pressie for him (by the time they are entered) lol!
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