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Humber Area Final Sunday 9th December

LPPL Area Leagues - players share their news and chat / Humber
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Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
08/12/2018 10:51
|Humber Area Final: 9th December 2018

The Thatch Inn
DN20 0JA.

1st = Silver, Champions Card Protector and the chance to partake in some CoC at the nationals
2nd = Bronze Poker Package
3rd = 50,000 reward points
4th = 25,000 reward points

Gold Poker Package… valued around £300-£500 depending on individual LPPL shop product bought. (can be used for IPO Dublin)

Silver Package…valued around £175 - £225 depending on individual LPPL shop product bought

Bronze Poker Package... valued around £75-£125 depending on individual LPPL shop product bought

Sunday 9th December sees the Sept/Oct/Nov 18 Humber Leaderboard (Area Final).

I will again be your TD for the day.

As per normal I plan to be at the Venue around Midday to get the tables set up then registration will open.

Registration will close at 12.45.

All reserves are this time guaranteed a seat as there aren't enough venue champions to fill all the seats and there are only a couple of reserves. That's a shame really as the first reserve is an utter donkey.

I've had it confirmed from Kim for those unhappy at previous finals. Latecomers CAN join in the first 2 blind levels provided that nobody has been eliminated subject to a 20% chip deduction in level 1 and 50% chip deduction in level 2. I strongly advise everyone not to do this. You want all your chips and I don't want to turn anyone away because some donk has gone out first hand.
Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
08/12/2018 10:52

1 44066 Jamie 'Jimmy jammy Jamie' Keedy-Collen 11k
2 37377 Virginia '"V"' Lynskey 10k
3 48594 Derek Tizzard 9k
4 31347 sean 'snelly' snell 9k
5 46888 Joe 'The Beast' Gaynard [ 9k
6 44778 Graham 'GW' Ranyard 9k
7 31694 Dave 'The Rock' stones 10k
8 41636 liam 'The Clown' Coultard 9k
9 10782 Nick 'The Greek' Vidler 9k
10 26577 andrew 'andy' sheardown 9k
11 46791 Laura 'I've got an ace I'll call' Pottage 9k
12 35319 Amanda 'EMojito' Callaway 9k
13 30298 paul 'sisco' sisson 8k
14 47679 Stuart Bell 10k
15 27106 Andrew 'Pitbull' Coultard 8k
16 45348 Robert 'Go on why not' Storey 8k
17 48945 Craig King 8k
17 41329 Shane Spencer 8k
19 11624 Derek 'Delwat' Watson 10k
20 26746 Audrey 'Audrey' Sheardown 8k
21 27107 Mandy 'Thrilly' Coultard 8k
22 26566 alison 'ally' haywood 8k
23 26870 Dean 'Deano' Howard 10k
24 15077 Vaughan Hasselby 8k
25 45837 Angelo Allenby 10k
25 37366 mike 'come again' freer 8k
27 47933 Gaz 'The reaper' Jones 8k
28 15073 Dave 'Lambrini Boy' Hargreaves 8k
29 48951 James 'Sproutfish' Stamford 8k
30 39613 kevin 'Stormy Daniels' kent 8k

Venue Champs
4 45587 Toby 'Mr Kipling' Bodycombe - Howden WMC 8k
5 33276 Matt Telfer - The Hase 8k
2 43427 Chris Lythgoe - The Thatch (Sun) 8k

Qualifying reserves
31 15277 Dan 'Fishy McFishface' Leitch 8k
36 47283 Rob Joss 8k
Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
08/12/2018 11:55
|Provisional table draw (I've had to assume 5 tables but unless just about everyone turns up it will be 4, in which case table 5 won't exist and those players will be spread around the other tables)

Chips stacks will be set out in 8k to begin with and I'll bring the extras round once everyone is seated. I'll be using this list to do so, if there isn't a chip count next to your name it means you start with 8k. It makes it easier for me to read the list quickly if there aren't counts next to the names I can ignore.

All reserves are included in the seat plan as they are guaranteed a seat if they show up.

Table 1:
1. Derek Tizzard 9k
2. Shane Spencer
3. Paul Sisson
4. Andy Coultard
5. Jamie Keedy-Collens 11k
6. Dan Leitch
7. Nick Vidler 9k

Table 2:
1. Virginia Lynskey 10k
2. Sean Snell 9k
3. Stuart Bell 10k
4. Robert 'Bingo Bob' Storey
5. Liam Coultard 9k
6. Craig King
7. Laura Pottage 9k

Table 3:
1. Chris Lythgoe
2. Gaz Jones
3. Joe Gaynard 9k
4. Kev Kent
5. Dave Hargreaves
6. Dave Stones 10k
7. James Stamford

Table 4:
1. Rob Joss
2. Toby Bodycombe
3. Angelo Allenby 10k
4. Amanda Callaway 9k
5. Mike Freer
6. Andy Sheardown 9k
7. Matt Telfer

Table 5:
1. Mandy Coultard
2. Graham Ranyard 9k
3. Audrey Sheardown
4. Del Watson 10k
5. Ally Haywood
6. Vaughan Hasselby
7. Dean Howard 10k
Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
08/12/2018 12:06
|Since I'm bored I'm going to give my dream team game a try tomorrow that I did at the Lincs finals a couple of times.

Here's how it works for anyone interested...

£5 to play (£3 given back as prize money £2 donated to Lindsey Lodge from each entry) winners takes all.

Write down a list of who you think the final table will be before the game starts tomorrow along with your fiver.

Pick the winner and that scores you 1 point, pick 2nd that scores you 2 points, pick 5th that scores you 5 points etc etc

If you picked the entire final table perfectly you'd score 36 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+cool obviously picking people eliminated early ups your score.

The person with the lowest score takes the cash.

Few simple rules:

1. You can pick who you like, you don't have to tell anyone except for me (I had people feeling they had to pick friends/family members) before when I posted everyone's choices for transparency. I'll publish everyone's final scores then you know you've been beaten fair and square!

2. I'm going to enter my self, if I win I'm going to hand all of the money to the Lodge, I will obviously post my own picks before the game starts.

3. In the event of a tie on points, the person with the most final table players wins, if it's still tied most second table finishers, then most third table finishers etc until the tie is broken. If nothing breaks the tie (which is highly unlikely unless 2 players pick the same 8 people) I'll split the cash.
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Posts: 1361.
08/12/2018 22:33
|Will bring my list tomorrow dan
Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
09/12/2018 12:01
|Paxo is having a go on the winners game. His picks are

1. Dave Stones
2. Ally
3. Sean Snell
4. Toby
5. Joe Gaynard
6. Stu Bell
7. Donald Trump's fav porn star
8. Mike Freer
Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
09/12/2018 12:01
|My picks

Derek Tizzard
Paul Sisson
Nick Vidler
Ally Haywood
Dave Hargreaves
Mike Freer
Andy Sheardown
Mandy Coultard
Fishy McFishface
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Posts: 12135.
10/12/2018 16:08
|Scores for the winners game:

Rob Joss: 94 points
Mike Freer: 101 points
Audrey Sheardown: 102 points
Ally Haywood: 105 points
Nick Vidler: 106 points
Dave Stones: 108 points
Mandy Coultard: 109 points
Dave Paxton: 114 points
Stu Bell: 116 points
Toby Bodycombe: 122 points
Dan Leitch: 125 points
Amanda Callaway: 129 points
Shane Spencer: 138 points
Joe Gaynard: 139 points
Jamie Keedy Collens: 139 points
Del Watson: 145 points
[Grosvenor: Sapper591]
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Posts: 19812.
10/12/2018 17:47
|Well done Liam. UL Joss
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