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Midlands Final. Kings Oak (24th March 2019)

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Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
17/03/2019 12:03
|Midlands LPPL Area Final (24th March 2019)

Kings Oak,
133 Vardon Way,
Kings Norton,
B38 8XH

1st: LPPL at Malta Poker Weekend:
An LPPL group trip to Malta including return UK flights, at least 3 nights shared accommodation AND buyin to the Malta National Amateur Poker Championship.
+ ( Midlands Interleague 15 Team place)

2nd: National Championship Poker Weekend
An LPPL group visit to a National Championship poker event with event buyin and overnight accommodation.
+ ( Midlands Interleague 15 Team place)

3rd: National Championship Poker Main Event Entry
Entry to an APAT National Championship Main Event.

4th: 50,000 Reward Points
50,000 Reward Points

5th: 25,000 Reward Points
25,000 Reward Points

Hi Everyone.

Sunday 24th March sees the Dec/Jan/Feb 18/19 Midlands Leaderboard (Area Final).

I will again be your TD for the day.
As per normal I plan to be at the Venue around Midday to get the tables set up then registration will open.
Registration will close at 12.45 prompt.

Once Registration is closed, The seat draw will then be done using, The Tournament Director Software. This should then allow plenty of time to get everyone seated and start the tournament on time at 1pm.

As only 3 Venue Champion places have been claimed, ALL listed reserves below are guaranteed a seat should they wish to play.

Qualifying List and starting stacks.

1 40060 Kevin 'brewerboy' Morris 11k
2 40144 Steve 'Poker Rat' Timmis 10k
3 48796 stephanie winder 9k
4 42082 Beryl Thacker 9k
5 43779 mark hodson-walker 10k
6 41188 james 'dustyjim' whipp 9k
7 48208 Viktors 'BetVictor' Kursitis 9k
8 47878 Anne Marigny 9k
9 41871 Wayne Groves 10k
10 48684 Liz 'Lizzie dripping' Winder 10k
10 40317 patrick 'the daddy fish' hunting 10k
12 30866 Paul 'Alfie' Guise (B.M.C) 10k
13 37205 Neil 'The Vague' Inwood 9k
14 48806 James O’Grady 9k
15 31417 Aiden Grannell 10k
16 30834 Jim 'Jimmy Vegas' Scullion 8k
17 30833 Stuart 'The Demon' Challinton (B.M.C) 8k
18 46209 bill gregory 8k
19 48779 Brandon Ridgway 8k
20 49097 Costin Ioan 'ariel' Nica 8k
21 30967 Bill 'The Captain' Killilea 8k
22 48746 Chance King 8k
23 47825 John Gregory 8k
24 44136 dan tyler 8k
25 32217 richard 'the rascal' mcewan 8k
26 30823 Alison 'Queenie' Awome 8k
26 48682 Ron Winder 8k
28 33711 joe 'awesome' awome 8k
29 48590 Ashley 'Chillo' Chilton 8k
30 48797 Darrell Winder 8k
31 45198 Joseph O'Mahoney 8k
32 28643 John 'Jacobite' Hall 8k
33 48909 Scott 'High 5' Watkins 8k
34 48477 Gordon Hird 8k
35 48478 Carol Williamson 8k

Venue champs
18 48444 Simon Duff - Duke of York
7 30691 John 'jjs jacks' Jenkins - Northfield Conservative
3 48850 Ellen Robson - The Coach House

Qualifying reserves
37 47461 Andrew 'Bodyline' Bowler
38 44137 vicky lanchester
40 39555 Duncan Taylor
41 48225 Ralf Teterovskis

Congratulations once again to Dan Tyler for winning The Coach House Final, his 4th Area Final win.

Congratulations also to Kevin Morris for winning Top Dog for the 5th time which gets him the Silver Medal and an automatic place in the Midlands Interleague 15 Team. Congrats also to Kev for his 5th place finish in the Festival Main Event which on any other year would have gained him the lime light.

Festival of Pub Poker 2019.

Massive Congratulations must go to Viktors 'BetVictor' Kursitis for becoming the first ever Midlands player to become National LPPL Champion, what a fantastic result. smile

More massive Congratulations to Dan Tyler on following his Area Final win up by making it a Midlands double by winning The Champion of Champions tournament, yet another fantastic result .smile

In fact the whole Event was a huge success for many of our players with,

Viktors Kursitis and Kelly Hunting both netting Las Vegas 2020 packages. smile

John Hall, Kevin Morris, Stuart Challinton and Patrick Hunting all winning Malta Weekend Packages, smile

Steve Timmis and Patrick Hunting winning their places into the Midlands Interleague 15

Well that’s it for now, see you all Sunday where as well as the prizes, there are two places in the Interleague 15 Team up for grabs.
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
24/03/2019 21:46
|Congratulations to Kevin Morris.

our New Midlands LPPL Champion.

Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
24/03/2019 21:48
|Congratulations also to 2nd place Stephanie Winder who played solidly all day.

3rd. Steve Timmis another prize for mr reliable

4th. Beryl Thacker also played really well today and

5th place James O'Grady playing in only his 2nd Area Final.

With 5 players left it was very even so the top prize could have gone to anyone, but today it was Kev's turn for glory. Well done Kev and everyone who turned up today, it was a really enjoyable day smile
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
12/04/2019 21:20
|Hi Everyone. I am Sorry for delay in putting this together, particularly to all the winning players on the day, but as I am sure most of you know by now this last few weeks have been very difficult for me personally, so thank you for your patience.

Sunday March 24th saw the latest Midlands Area Final at Kings Oak in Birmingham.

32 players made it to the start to contest for Dan Tyler’s crown and unlike most Final’s we have had in the past there was no cagey start this time. It was all action from the off with some big bad beats and coolers occurring meaning we lost quite a few players before first break, and If my memory serves me correctly (as I was out of the room at the time being a waiter), had an Ace not dropped on the very first flop on Table 1 then we may well have lost Ashley Chilton who bailed out with is K K which I think was taking on A A so Ash did well just to lose half his stack.

As mentioned above I missed a lot of the early action doing my other Job for the day, but I did witness Alison Awome flop a set of 7’s against Stuart Challinton’s flush draw which had Alison All in. The turn gave Stuart the flush but the board paired on the river to give Alison a nice double up.

Our first casualty was Simon Duff and he was soon in good Company with Ashley Chilton, IL 15 Captain Stuart Challinton and also Defending Champion (Champion of Champions) Dan Tyler following him out and by First Break we were a record 8 players down.

After Break play settled down a bit and we only lost a further 3 players before main food break, Wayne Groves, the very unlucky Jo O Mahony and last time runner up Paul “Alfie” Guise and at that stage it was National LPPL Champion Viktors Kursitis leading the way from Steve Timmis and Neil Inwood, and both James Whipp and James O ‘Grady needing a surge to stay in.

Chipstack’s at this Stage:

Table 1
Kevin Morris 21.3K
Aiden Grannell 14.2k
Viktors Kursitis 29K
Beryl Thacker 16.4K
Patrick Hunting 19.3K
Joe Awome 8.4K
James O Grady 4.8K

Table 2
Chance King 10.4K
Alison Awome 11.5K
John Gregory 16.3K
Anne Marigny 11.3K
Jimmy Scullion 7.5K
Steve Timmis 27.2K
Stephanie Winder 9.3K

Table 3
Vicky Lanchester 8.2K
Neil inwood 26K
Mark Hodson Walker 14.2K
Liz Winder 5.1K
James Whipp 3.7K
Bill Gregory 16.9K

In the run up to Final Table we saw a big change in fortunes for both chip leader Viktors Kursitis and 19th place James O’Grady after James got a treble up, but James Whipp and Liz Winder weren’t to last much longer.

Vicky Lanchester (A K ) then got very unlucky after calling Kev Morris all in shove with (A 10) with a 10 coming on the flop to eliminate her in 14th place.

We then lost Mark Hodson Walker (13th), Paddy (12th) and Joe Awome (11th) before

Jimmy Vegas fell in (10th place)
Jim was All in with K K v A Q
of Stephanie Winder and safe on the flop, but an Ace on the turn and the river sent Jim out in 10th place.

We then reached Final Table bubble and this time the victim was Viktors who since break had gone into freefall.
It’s not very often Viktors fails to make Final Table but unfortunately this time it wasn’t to be his day.

Final Table Seat Draw and Chip Stacks:

1. Beryl Thacker 41K
2. Bill Gregory 32K
3. Neil Inwood 27K
4. Kevin Morris 46K
5. Anne Marigny 28K
6. James O’Grady 33K
7. Steve Timmis 19K
8. Stephanie Winder 59K

So as Final Table arrived we had a new leader and flying the flag for the Winder Family we had Stephanie who was in great shape 13K above her nearest challenger Kev Morris, but to be fair any one of the 8 remaining players had enough chips to mount a challenge for the title.

8th Place: Bill Gregory
James limped in with (7 7)
Bill moved All In with (A K) and James called
7 on the flop and a paired board for James sealed Bill’s fate.

7. Anne Marigny
Anne was All In with (K Q) against (J J)
Jacks held
Another Final Table for Anne though.

6. Neil Inwood
Neil made a move in late position with (Q J)
Kev called holding (A J)
Board ran 5 2 10 10 A which left Neil as our prize bubble.
Unlucky to Neil

5. James O’ Grady (wins 25,000 reward Points)
Kevin went All In (A K)
James called holding (A J)
Board 6 6 10 5 9
Well done to James in only his 2nd Final and Top Brummie on the day.

4. Beryl Thacker (Wins 50,000 Reward Points)
Beryl was All In with (A 10)
Steve called with (Q Q)
Queens held
Well done Beryl on her prize and another Final Table

3. Steve Timmis ( Wins a National Championship Poker Event Entry)
Yet another prize for Steve the machine.
Steve All In for 38K with (K J)
Stephanie called with (A K suited)
Board 10 K 6 Q J
So both hit a King on flop but Steve’s rivered Jack for “two pair” also gave Stephanie the Nut Straight and we were down to Heads Up.

So at Heads Up we had 5 time “ Top Dog” winner Kevin Morris versus Stephanie Winder with chip stacks as.

Stephanie Winder 157K
Kevin Morris 128K

(Heads Up lasted just 2 hands)

(1st hand)
Stephanie raised to 25K.
Kevin moved All In to which Stephanie folded putting Kevin slightly ahead.

(2nd Hand)
On a flop of of
J 2 2
Kevin holding (J 10) raised
Stephanie holding (A Q) moved All In and Kevin called like a shot leaving Stephanie needing to hit
to stay in the Tournament but a (6) followed by a (3) was not what she was looking for.

2. Stephane Winder (Wins a National Championship Poker Weekend + Midlands Interleague 15 Team Place)
A brilliant effort by Stephanie, Very Unlucky to lose that way.
Was always in contention throughout the day and played really well on Final table

1. Kevin Morris (Wins an LPPL at Malta Poker Weekend + Midlands Interleague 15 Team Place.
Very many Congratulations To our New Champion
“Kevin Morris”
Kev followed up his recent (F.O.P.P Main Event Final Table) and (5th time Top Dog) by taking down
His 3rd Area Final. A great set of results Kev. Nice one 

Full result:

Finally as always very many thanks to Jackie and Partner/Hubby? and her Staff for looking after us all day, and for the very nice buffet that they provided for us.

Thanks to Alfie and The “Cons Club” for borrowing me their two table tops.

Thanks to James Whipp, Bery Thacker and all that helped me get the room and tables ready pre Game.

To our Final table dealers James Whipp and Neil Inwood, thank you.

Thanks also, To Joe Awome and Alison Awome for your support in the days leading up to the Final which was a massive help to me at a very difficult time. X

So that’s it till June, when we will meet at The Grange.
Till then good luck Everyone  smile

Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
12/04/2019 23:01
Midland Champion; Kevin Morris
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
12/04/2019 23:02
2nd Place: Stephanie Winder
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
12/04/2019 23:02
3rd Place: Steve Timmis
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
12/04/2019 23:03
4th Place: Beryl Thacker
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
12/04/2019 23:03
5th Place: James O'Grady
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
12/04/2019 23:04
Heads Up: Stephanie v Kevin
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
12/04/2019 23:05
The Final 8
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
12/04/2019 23:06
Top Dog: Kevin Morris
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
12/04/2019 23:07
LPPL National Champion: Viktors Kursitis
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1863.
12/04/2019 23:07
Champion of Champions: Dan Tyler
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