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Midlands Final (22nd Sept 2019) Shobnall Sports & Social Club

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Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
12/09/2019 02:07
|Midlands LPPL Area Final (22nd September 2019)

Shobnall Sports & Social Club,
Shobnall Road,
Burton On Trent,
DE14 2BB


1st: International Poker Weekend
An LPPL group trip abroad including return UK flights, 3 nights shared accommodation and buy in to a poker event, with an LPPL-branded team shirt to be worn for the duration of the tournament.


2nd: National Championship Poker Weekend
An LPPL group visit to a National Championship poker event with event buy in and Saturday night shared overnight accommodation, with an LPPL-branded team shirt to be worn for the duration of the tournament.


3rd: National Championship Poker Main Event Entry
Entry to an APAT National Championship Main Event, with an LPPL-branded team shirt to be worn for the duration of the tournament.


4th: 50,000 Reward Points

5th: 25,000 Reward Points

Hi Everyone.

Sunday 22nd September sees the June/July/August/2019 Midlands Leaderboard (Area Final).

I will again be your TD for the day.
As per normal I plan to be at the Venue around Midday to get the tables set up then registration will open.

Registration will close at 12.45 prompt.

Once Registration is closed, any spare places will be offered to reserves (In Leaderboard order) The seat draw will then be done using, The Tournament Director Software. This should then allow plenty of time to get everyone seated and start the tournament on time at 1pm.

Please Note!

The introduction of three new very successful Venue's and many new players that have come with them, at Shobnall Sports & Social Club, The Camp and the Crewe Arms, has made a big impact on qualifying for this latest Final. I believe this may well be the most competitive Leaderboard the Midlands has had for a very long time, if not ever.

Due to this we are almost certainly going to be maxed out on the day. All 7 Venue Champion places have been claimed this time for the first time ever I think, and with 7 potential reserves waiting in the wings for potential drop outs it is really important that if you have qualified and intend to play, make your presence known to me at the Venue by 12.40 please.

At 12.45 I have to briefly close registration and allow reserves (in leaderboard order) to fill any places there may be, so please be on time and don't give me the horrible job of saying to you, you've lost your place.

I am also a reserve for this Event and will only play if "All" other reserves get in too. I don't usually play in these events but am possibly going to TD and play "purely" as I want to get onto the National Leaderboard and be at the Festival in March 2020.


Qualifying List and starting stacks.


1 49266 Adam Edwards 11K
2 40060 Kevin 'brewerboy' Morris 9k
3 49235 Coolhand Luke Smith 10k
4 40144 Steve 'Poker Rat' Timmis 10k
5 48208 Viktors 'BetVictor' Kursitis 9k
6 43779 Mark Hodson-Walker 10k
7 29503 Pete 'Chelsea' Brood 9k
8 30866 Paul 'Alfie' Guise (B.M.C) 9k
9 47878 Anne Marigny 9k
10 42082 Beryl Thacker 9k
11 30834 Jim 'Jimmy Vegas' Scullion 9k
12 48151 Philip Griffiths 10k
13 49204 Adrian 'Lucky Ace' Brown 10k
14 30967 Bill 'The Captain' Killilea 10k
15 47825 John Gregory 8k
16 44081 Daz 'FECK' Ballard 8k
17 41871 Wayne Groves 10k
18 48684 Liz 'Lizzie dripping' Winder 8k
19 48477 Gordon Hird 8k
20 49237 Steve “All In” Seaman 8k
21 49097 Costin Ioan 'ariel' Nica 8k
22 48806 James O’Grady 8k
23 41188 james 'dustyjim' whipp 8k
24 33711 joe 'awesome' awome 8k
25 48478 Carol Williamson 8k
26 37205 Neil 'The Vague' Inwood 8k
27 28643 John 'Jacobite' Hall 8k
28 30833 Stuart 'The Demon' Challinton (B.M.C) 8k
29 46209 bill gregory 8k
30 47873 Slav 'Casillas' GK 8k
31 48682 Ron Winder 8k
32 30823 Alison 'Queenie' Awome 10k
33 31417 Aiden Grannell 8k
34 22991 Linda 'The Champ' Franklin 8k
35 32217 richard 'the rascal' mcewan 8k

Venue Champs
8 49249 Jamie Deakin - Northfield Conservative Club (Mon) 8k
9 48444 Simon Duff - Duke Of York (Sat) 8k
4 44137 Vicky Lanchester - Shobnall Sports & Social Club 8k
9 49255 Ricky 'River Rat' Alcorn - The Camp 8k
6 48850 Ellen Robson - The Coach House 8k
1 49246 Carl 'Jono'Jonson - The Crewe Arms 10K
5 48746 Chance King - Northfield Conservative Club 8k

Qualifying reserves
37 48898 Piter 'Soharczenko' SOCHA 8k
38 39555 Duncan Taylor 8k
41 48909 Scott 'High 5' Watkins 8k
41 29155 Graham 'Graa (LPPL)' Ward 17 8k
45 48797 Darrell Winder 8k
46 44136 dan tyler 8k
47 49273 Peter 'Davo' Davis 8k

Many Congratulations to a new player to our League, Adam Edwards for winning Top Dog first time out, and to Kevin Morris and yet another new player Luke Smith, for running Adam close.

Congratulations again also, to our current Champion Slav Casillas who beat Pete Brood at Heads Up at The Grange. Hopefully Slav will be there on the 22nd to defend his title

Congratulations also to James Whipp, Neil Inwood, Alison Awome, Joe Awome and Vicky Lanchester for their succesful weekend at Interleague 15 with the Invitational Team and also to The Midlands Team led by Stuart Challinton who finished in a very respectable 4th place. Lady luck deserted us again, but our time will surely come.

Well that's it for now. I look forward to seeing you all on the 22nd smile
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
23/09/2019 19:56
| Congratulations to our New Midland Champion.

"Carol Williamson"

Carol came back from 2bb with 6 players remaining to beat Lppl newbie Steve Seaman into 2nd place.

Congrats to all our other prize winners too:

3rd: Joe Awome
4th: Slav Casillas
5th: Adam Edwards
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
01/10/2019 22:42
|Midlands Area Final (Shobnall Sports & Social Club)

The latest Area Final took place on 22nd September and as always many people to thank.

Firstly to Justin and Bev, and Tracy and their Team at Shobnall Sports & Social Club for being brilliant hosts looking after us throughout the day, and also for the lovely buffet they provided half way through.

It was appreciated by the players very much.

To Justin again, James Whipp & Beryl Thacker for helping me by setting the room up, and chips out pre Tournament.

To Scott Andrews for fetching us drinks whilst we played, and for helping with the chip up break, and last but not least, to all the players present on the day who played out our biggest Final in years in the right spirit, win or lose.

Game Report:

39 players were sat at shuffle up and deal including myself, many new faces, and also a face from the past, our 2nd LPPL National Champion inside the room in Linda Franklin so the Competition was going to be tough.

Not a lot of notes early on as I tried to concentrate on playing, but during the first 7 Levels up to Food Break we lost 16 players to the rail, including past winners Alfie, Kevin Morris and Dan Tyler, but defending Champion Slav Casillas was going well again in 2nd place behind newbie Steve Seaman playing in his first Final, and doing very nicely too.

Carol Williamson was in 3rd place after making a great call to double her stack, and those three players were holding almost a third of the chips in play at that time.

Food Break:

Table 1
Graham Ward 9.2k
Carol Williamson 37.9k
John Gregory 13.8k
Darren Ballard 4.9k
James O Grady 9.5k
Steve Timmis 8.1k

Adam Edwards 23.1k
Alison Awome 16.4k
Duncan Taylor 16.3k
Viktors Kursitis 5.2k
Mark Hodson Walker 7.9k
Pete Brood 16.7k

Table 3
Adrian Brown 17.6k
Costin Ioan Nica 15.8k
Phillip Griffiths 10.1k
Anne Marigny 6.1k
Slav Casillas 40.2k
Beryl Thacker 5.1k

Table 4
James Whipp 3.5k
Joe Awome 8.2k
Steve Seaman 46.4K
Vicky Lanchester 9.8k
Linda Franklin 6.3k

In the next two sessions of the game we saw Aces busted three times.
Firstly, Slav Casillas called Adrian’s all in
Slav A A
Adrian Q J
Board ran J 3 3 J J
Giving Adrian ” Quad”s.

We then had a short break and at this stage we had 13 players remaining and the Two Steve’s were dominating proceedings with Carol, Slav and Adam giving chase, and these five players had over two thirds of the chips in play.

Table 1
Adrian Brown 14k
Linda Franklin 4.5k
Daz Ballard 13k
Slav Casillas 40.5k
Steve Timmis 64.5k
Joe Awome 16k

Table 2
Adam Edwards 35.5k
Alison Awome 23.5k
Duncan Taylor 11.5k
Carol Williamson 45k
Viktors Kursitis 7.5k
Mark Hodson Walker 8.5k
Steve Seaman 56.5k

In the run up to Final table Carol had edged ahead on chips, but then got very unlucky when she was left short stacked when her Aces got bust by Steve Seaman’s K Q when the flop brought 2 Queens, and then it was Alison Awome’s turn to get jinxed by the dreaded Aces when all in against big chip leader Steve Seaman’s Q Q with a Queen landing on the river and knocking Alison out in 13th place.

Steve was now a huge chip leader.

Linda Franklin was next to fall after a great showing against a complete field of players she had never played against before, and she was followed by,

11th. Mark Hodson Walker
10th. Viktors Kursitis

Before Darren “bubble boy” Ballard became our Final Table bubble, leaving us with a good mixture of experience to go against 4 players (Carol Williamson, Adrian Brown, Adam Edwards (Top Dog), and Steve Seaman playing their first Area Final (Final Table).

In fact the three lads were also playing their first Area Final so a great performance from them all.

Final Table Seat draw and chipstacks:

1. Duncan Taylor 10k
2. Adam Edwards 34k
3. Steve Timmis 24k
4. Joe Awome 25k
5. Steve Seaman 117k
6. Carol Williamson 28k
7. Slav Casillas 71k
8. Adrian Brown 34k

So as Final Table began, Steve Seaman was big chip Leader from defending Champion Slav Casillas, but with the blinds approaching 4000 – 8000 the action was going to be thick and fast and one double up from someone could easily change the dynamic of the game.

8th Place: Steve Timmis
Yet another Final Table for Steve, who was All in, in a real roller coaster of a hand whilst holding K Q v A 10
Steve hit the straight on the turn only to lose to a Full house on the river
Board: A J 4 10 A

7th Place: Duncan Taylor
Duncan seemed to be grinding on a short stack of chips for ages, even before Final Table, so did really well to make 7th place.

6th Place: Adrian Brown
Playing in his first Area Final, Adrian gave a good account of himself. Just missed out on the prizes but is sure to feature again in the future.

5th Place: Adam Edwards (Wins 25,000 Reward Points)
Great first season for Adam Edwards, firstly by winning “Top Dog” on the Leader board, and then getting into the prizes at the Final.
Adam was All in with A 8 v 9 9 of Slav when the board ran
K Q 10 10 6
to send him out 5th.
Another player I am sure we will see at Final Tables in the future.

4th Place: Slav Casillas (Wins 50,000 Reward Points)
Great effort again here by defending Champion Slav.
Another prize to go with his win at The Grange.
Went out in a Weird hand when All in for 25k with J 10 v Q J v K 10
And a board of 4 7 6 5 4
Meaning Carol’s King high scooped a nice pot.

3rd Place: Joe Awome (Wins a National Championship Poker Main Event Entry)
Joe was another player who grinded patiently to make Final table and was in great shape to go Heads Up against Steve when he became the next victim of the dreaded Aces. Carol was All in holding her last 2 big blinds when Joe went All in to isolate with his Aces. Carol turned over J 2
What happened next was typical of what can happen in poker when you least expect it.
The board ran
2 10 J 2 J
Giving Carol a much needed double up.
It was a change of fortunes that was to continue for Joe, as Carol twice more doubled up in marginal hands
Against him to knock him out in 3rd place.

This left us with Carol Williamson (holding a big chip lead) versus Steve Seaman at Heads Up.

Carol Williamson 240k
Steve Seaman 103K

2nd Place: Steve Seaman (Wins a National Championship Poker Weekend)
What a great first Final from Steve.
Was always ahead of the game from the off and was a big chip leader for most of the day, making him a huge favourite when we reached Final Table.
Unfortunately, as we all know Poker doesn’t always follow the script, and the cards and any luck seemed to dry up for Steve with 4 players remaining but big Congratulations to him for coming Runner Up in a large field of players.

1st Place : Carol Williamson ( Wins an International Poker Weekend)
Carol clinched her Title with a stress free hand when Steve pushed All in
With Q 9 hearts
Carol holding 8 8 made the call then watched with delight as she flopped “Quads” to end the game.
Board 8 A 8 5 7

So Congratulations to “Our New LPPL Champion”
“Carol Williamson” smile

Who always plays with a smile on her face whether winning or losing.

Got Unlucky a few times during the day, then got lucky herself on Final table when her luck balanced out so fully deserved her victory.
I was on Carol’s table earlier in the day when Darrell tried to pressure her out of a pot for most of her stack on a dangerous flop.
After a lot of thought, Carol told Darrell “I think your chasing a card ” and called his huge bet with her pocket “Kings”
And caught him out bluffing.

That gave Carol the platform she needed to build a stack, and she did so admirably 

Full Result:

Current Festival of Poker League Table with 1 Final to play.

See you all in December when hopefully we can get 6 Full Tables. smile
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
08/10/2019 21:30
Champion: Carol Williamson
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
08/10/2019 21:33
Runner Up: Steve Seaman
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
08/10/2019 21:35
3rd Place: Joe Awome
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
08/10/2019 21:37
4th Place: Slav Casillas
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
08/10/2019 21:38
5th Place: Adam Edwards
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
08/10/2019 21:38
Top Dog: Adam Edwards
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
08/10/2019 21:39
Heads Up:
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
08/10/2019 21:39
The Final 8:
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
08/10/2019 21:40
"Quads" seals it for Carol
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
08/10/2019 21:40
Shobnall Sports & Social Club at night
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
08/10/2019 21:41
The action is under way
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1887.
08/10/2019 21:41
inside the club
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