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Yorkshire Area Final on 22nd September

LPPL Area Leagues - players share their news and chat / Yorkshire
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el donko grande
[Grosvenor: Zygmanfox]
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Posts: 4033.
17/09/2019 10:33
|The next area final, to be held on Sunday 22nd September will be held at :-

The Shepherds Boy, 157 Huddersfield Road , Dewsbury, WF13 2RP

Start time 13.00. Please register before 12.45.

1 48667 Paul 'Tatler78' Tattersfield 11K
2 22568 Steven 'el donko grande' Bradbury 10k
3 39335 Damien 'Damo' Auty 10k
4 23279 Bryan 'dangerous' Coe 9k
5 21601 christine 'ooo pat' coe 9k
6 11484 Simon Towers 10k
7 23822 mark 'ALGETYOU' scargill 10k
8 39939 Antony 'ants' Auty 8k
9 45537 charles 'Bobster' instrall 8k
10 48006 Robbie Senior-Watson 8k
11 21538 david 'studzlonny' lonergan 8k
12 41229 Claire 'Loupy Lou' Whittington 8k
13 12445 Craig 'Darth Btings(B.G.H.)' Smith 8k
14 28742 Chris *cool hand* Carroll 8k
15 29848 Jeffrey 'Playboy' McCormick 8k
16 14962 Jason 'Mack' McBurnie 10k
17 13647 Rhys 'The Sandman' John 8k

Venue Champs ( by drop down )
3 45788 conrad 'conman' smithson - Nelson Inn 8k
2 48526 Andrew 'Stacker' Burridge - The Ossett Brewery Tap 8k
5 49228 Paul Ratcliffe - The Robertown 8k

Qualifying reserves
18 48307 Liam Senior-Watson 8k
20 48068 angela hudson 8k

Qualifying reserves are guaranteed a place due to venue champs ( where no drop down ) being on the leader-boar

May the river be with you

Last edited by el donko grande on 17/09/2019 at 10:33:01
Chris *cool hand*
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Posts: 93.
14/09/2019 15:34
|Looking forward to it , and the food I hear so much about 👍😋x
[Grosvenor: LPPL_Mack]
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Posts: 87.
22/09/2019 17:05
|1/2K chip up.
9 players.

Table 1.
Waggy 49k
Craig Smith 29k
Damo 15k
Paul Ratcliffe 8k
Robbie 23k

Table 2.
Andy Burridge 10k
Tony Aunty 7k
Lonny 28k
Jason McB. 19k.

[Grosvenor: LPPL_Mack]
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Posts: 87.
22/09/2019 17:35
|Paul falls at the final hurdle to give us the final table. No chip counts as we're only having a loo break but waggy has lost over 12k.
[Grosvenor: LPPL_Mack]
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Posts: 87.
22/09/2019 18:14
|Scaggs wins the area final, a fitting tribute to his dad who sadly passed away recently.
Robbie came second and Myself (Jason)

A massive thank you to all the staff at the Shepherds Boy. A great afternoon.
Chris *cool hand*
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Posts: 93.
22/09/2019 19:01
|Well done Mark 👍🥇🍻X
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Posts: 188.
23/09/2019 13:49
|Thanks was a great day
Joker No Choker!!
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Posts: 1468.
24/09/2019 21:02
|well done scagga smile
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