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FOPP 2020 - Champion of Champions

LPPL Live Events / Festival of Pub Poker Mar 2020
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Irish Tom
[Grosvenor - ITom65]
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14/01/2020 20:14
|The Champion of Champions will take place on Sunday 1st March during the FOPP, starting at 10am.

Below is the list of Qualifiers:

Leaderboard Top Dogs
EOS Top Dog Dec/Jan/Feb Jamie Gilmour
EOS Top Dog Mar/Apr/May Lewis Mason
EOS Top Dog June/July/Aug Mark Fullarton
EOS Top Dog Sept/Oct/Nov Alan Pearcy
Humber Top Dog Dec/Jan/Feb Sean Snell
Humber Top Dog Mar/April/May Robert Storey
Humber Top Dog June/July/Aug Laura Pottage
Humber Top Dog Sept/Oct/Nov Dave Stones
Linc Top Dog Dec/Jan Paul Widnall
Linc Top Dog Feb/Mar Jacqueline Brindley
Linc Top Dog April/May Antony Blee
Linc Top Dog June/July/Aug Antony Blee
Linc Top Dog Sept/Oct/Nov William Waters
Mids Top Dog Dec/Jan/Feb Kevin Morris
Mids Top Dog Mar/April/May Viktors Kursitis
Mids Top Dog June/July/Aug Adam Edwards
Mids Top Dog Sept/Oct/Nov Steve Timmis
N.East Top Dog Dec/Jan/Feb Les Brannon
N.East Top Dog Mar/April/May Mark Vout
N.East Top Dog June/July/Aug Les Brannon
N.East Top Dog Sept/Oct/Nov Les Brannon
South West Top Dog Dec/Jan/Feb Gary Broom
South West Top Dog Mar/Apr/May Pete Berry
South West Top Dog June/July/Aug Rich Huskinson
South West Top Dog Sept/Oct/Nov Sandy Humphries
Southern Top Dog Dec/Jan/Feb Phil Allen
Southern Top Dog Mar/April/May Hazel Millsom
Southern Top Dog June/July/Aug Dave Kingswell
Southern Top Dog Sept/Oct/Nov Bob Law
Yorkshire Top Dog Dec/Jan/Feb Steve Bradbury
Yorkshire Top Dog Mar/April/May Dave Lonergan
Yorkshire Top Dog June/July/Aug Paul Tattersfield
Yorkshire Top Dog Sept/Oct/Nov Antony Auty
WOS Top Dog Dec/Jan/Feb John Hunter
WOS Top Dog Mar/April/May John Hunter
WOS Top Dog June/July/Aug Stephen Butler
WOS Top Dog Sept/Oct/Nov John Hunter

Area Final Champions
EOS Dec/Jan/Feb Niall Gratton
EOS Mar/Apr/May Dave Meighan
EOS June/July/Aug Mark Fullarton
EOS Sept/Oct/Nov Alan Pearcy
Humber Dec/Jan/Feb Chris Laverack
Humber Mar/April/May Ally Haywood
Humber June/July/Aug Mark Walsh
Humber Sept/Oct/Nov Steve Gelder
Linc Dec/Jan Geoff Little
Linc Feb/Mar Geoff Little
Linc April/May Mark Leverett
Linc June/July/Aug Ady Northfield
Linc Sept/Oct/Nov James White
Mids Dec/Jan/Feb Kev Morris
Mids Mar/April/May Slav GK
Mids June/July/Aug Carol Williamson
Mids Sept/Oct/Nov Slav GK
N.East Dec/Jan/Feb John Nixon
N.East Mar/April/May John Nixon
N.East June/July/Aug Les Brannon
N.East Sept/Oct/Nov Daniel Howie
Southern - S.West Dec/Jan/Feb Lewis Laker
Southern - S.West Mar/Apr/May Ben Murray
Southern - S.West June/July/Aug Rob Davies
Southern - S.West Sept/Oct/Nov John Murray
Yorkshire Dec/Jan/Feb Robbie Senior-Watson
Yorkshire Mar/April/May Dave Lonergan
Yorkshire June/July/Aug Mark Scargill
Yorkshire Sept/Oct/Nov Jason McBurnie
WOS Dec/Jan/Feb John Hunter
WOS Mar/April/May James Adam
WOS June/July/Aug Joe McEvoy
WOS Sept/Oct/Nov John Hunter

National Leaderboard Winners
East Scotland Alan Pearcy
Humber Mike Freer
Lincolnshire Antony Blee
Midlands Slav GK
North East John Nixon
South West Rob Davies
Southern Gail Swain
Yorkshire Damien Auty
West Scotland John Hunter

Champion Of Champions 2019 Dan Tyler

PLO Championship 2019 John Nixon

National Championship 2019 Viktors Kursitis

Interleague 15 Champions
Fleur Deluchi
Freya Deluchi
Steve Davies
Stacie Haldane
Hazel Milsom
James Whip
Alison Awome
Joe awome
Alan Ferris
Vicky Lanchester
Nathan Godfrey
Neil Inwood

Online Tavern Finals
Bob Law

The Champion will walk away with the Champion of Champions Trophy and an APAT Malta Weekend package.

The Runner up will win an APAT National Championship weekend.

Third place will win an APAT National Championship entry.
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