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Interleague 16 - 2020 - Venue and Dates

LPPL Live Events / Interleague 16 - Sept 2020
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Irish Tom
[Grosvenor - ITom65]
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Posts: 3649.
10/02/2020 20:09
|HUGE thanks to Graham 'Graa' Ward, who not only TDs all our Midlands Area Finals and helps with so much other stuff, but took the time to discuss and take pics of the venue for us (will put on Facebook).

Happy to advise that Interleague 16 will take place at the Northfield Conservative Club, Hawkesley Hall, The Mill Walk, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4HL.

The Interleague itself will be held on Saturday 5th Sept 2020, with the usual 'social poker night' on Friday 4th.

As a reminder, here is the list of Interleague Team Captains:

Defending Champions: Fleur Deluchi
East Scotland: Ruth Fullarton
Hull: Mandy Coultard
Lincolnshire: Mark Leverett
Midlands: Kev Morris
North East: Sean Weldon
Southern: Dave Paxton
South West: Ben Murray
West Scotland: Scott Watson
Yorkshire: Andrew Burridge

Whilst the Festival of Pub Poker is just over 2 weeks away, it has 10 events for ANY AND EVERY LPPL member to play (no matter when you last played LPPL), plus 2 'pre-qualifying events in the Nats Champs and Champs of Champs - 4 of those 10 events also have attached to them 'automatic qualification' to play for your Area League Interleague team...

We have also reserved rooms at the nearest hotel (Premier Inn - 15 min walk / 4 min drive to the venue) for Fri and Sat nights of Interleague, which we will offer via Team Captains after the FOPP.

Graa (LPPL)
[Grosvenor - GraaAPAT]
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Posts: 1910.
10/02/2020 22:18
|Many Thanks to Tom and Kim for chosing the Midlands League to Host this Event.

Once you made your decision on the Venue, of course i was happy to do all i could to help.

Special thanks must go to Committee member Paul "Alfie" Guise who helped me by showing me the potential of the Club to host this exciting Event and for introducing me to John, his wife Karen and Geraldine and Rod at the Club who are as excited about hosting the Event as we players are about playing in it.

I am certain they will do themselves and all of us LPPL ers proud. smile
[Grosvenor: Witch61]
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Posts: 439.
11/02/2020 18:50
|Whats the qualifying criteria
[Grosvenor - Ironsboy7]
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Posts: 18.
11/02/2020 19:00
|How do you get in ?
Irish Tom
[Grosvenor - ITom65]
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Posts: 3649.
11/02/2020 20:04
|Will be posting the team member criteria this week - however, at FOPP there are 4 events that have an 'automatic qualification' for every Area League to be a member of your Interleague team - 6 IL team spots for each area... details on FOPP here
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