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Captain Charisma
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Posts: 13636.
24/06/2019 07:40
|Well done David. Thank goodness a "poker player" won 😊
[Grosvenor: ffsfkwhy]
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Posts: 3933.
01/07/2019 23:30
|Well done David,,(Thumb Emoji 3 times )grinwink
And a licking one smiletongue wink

Last edited by fishy on 01/07/2019 at 23:24:14
Captain Charisma
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Posts: 13636.
05/07/2019 05:22
|MASSIVE congratulations to our resident EPT specialist, the Devious Diva Isabella Boyle, who has won yet ANOTHER EPT package, this time to Barcelona!!!!

Well done Izzy smile my fluke WSOP cash has surely been usurped by your multiple EPT package wins now... Dammit!!! Lol

Barrie, start cashing in more shares hahahaha
Devious Diva
[Grosvenor: Deviousdiva2]
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Posts: 5039.
05/07/2019 10:02
|hahaha...thanks JP...but I think this thread only has one reader now.the mighty fish....everyone else is on social
Young Chas
[Grosvenor: YOUNGCHAS]
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Posts: 3979.
05/07/2019 13:30
[Grosvenor: lppleos]
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Posts: 9729.
30/07/2019 17:07
|Ok so an idea has come up about trying out an area final on a saturday i can see lots of pros for this.

1 Most people who work the saturday also work the sunday so will not affect them as they would miss it anyway.
2 People who do not work the sunday would be able to have a drink and not race off once out.
3 Hopefully it will bring area finals back to what they used to be like.

This is just an idea to see what people think i will post this on facebook with a yes or no option.

It would proably be the area final in december it would be trialed if at all. So then we could have a mix of saturday and sunday area finals.
Captain Charisma
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Posts: 13636.
31/07/2019 00:42
|I'm for Saturday area finals definitely
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