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Midlands info/chat

LPPL Area Leagues - players share their news and chat / Midlands
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Posts: 3797.
27/03/2019 20:11
|Cheers chaps..
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Posts: 557.
28/03/2019 17:07
|Yes Riggs I know and so did everyone at the Grange on Monday night ,and you where in attendance Kev Morris so that counts you in
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Posts: 3797.
29/03/2019 12:07
|Bloody ell...I only asked a question...

The Dustybin - Kev Morris hate hate relationship.. sigh
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Posts: 658.
29/03/2019 13:15
|Lol. To be fair rigga jim did say the date . But who takes any notice of what jim says? Lol
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Posts: 3797.
13/05/2019 18:59
|The Duke of York Aka The Poker Palace...R.I.P

Once upon a time this gem of a place was the finest venue in LPPL.
Players would travel from afar to experience the poker, banter and laughs that the Burton brigade would serve up.
Midlands chat would have a 3/4 day build up to the Friday night game. They were never ever just a normal night out..

The Champ
[Grosvenor - Thelandlady]
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Posts: 42.
01/06/2019 13:40
|Hi Guys, we're back at last!!!!
We'd love to see old and new faces at our new venue. The Crewe Arms, Madeley Heath, CW3 9LP on Sundays at 6.30.
Linda and Miguel (ex Mermaid, North West)
Graa (LPPL)
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Posts: 1857.
01/06/2019 16:13
|Hiya both.

Welcome to the Midlands League.
It's been a long time since I saw you both.
Hope your both keeping well.

We have an LPPL Midlands Facebook Group if you would like to join.

Just request to join and I will add you ok.

Good luck with the Poker. Hopefully one of the Sunday's we will try and fill a car and join you for a game
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