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[Grosvenor: mazza58]
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Posts: 899.
20/02/2018 12:16
|Two blasts from the past last night too. THey haven't played for LPPL since June 2017. Hope they are both back for good.
Must have been a little bit like the area finals with all those players seated. smile
The Dragon
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Posts: 440.
20/02/2018 12:19
|It felt like an area final. Certainly had the numbers of the odd one. And yes was great to see the old faces. Although they fell victim to the brutality of the Vine. They enjoyed themselves I think.
[Grosvenor: Paxo666]
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Posts: 2974.
20/02/2018 12:54
|It was the biggest game I've played in that wasn't an area final. Was great fun! Apart from the result! 25th pfft! blush
Matthew (The Ice-Man)
[Grosvenor - TheIceMan78]
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Posts: 95.
20/02/2018 14:44
|Sorry I Ruined your party, but from one donk to another, well played lol it was a great night plenty of banter and all in good spirits. But I got to say what a great hand played by Hollie against Params all in and josh’s Call on the first hand into a 175 pot.
The Dragon
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Posts: 440.
20/02/2018 15:16
|I accept your apology Matthias haha. No you played really well mate, tight is right, and it won you the game fair and square. I don't know about the 3s, I didn't see it. But I liked the way you played your 2s lol. gg.
The Game
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Posts: 205.
Yesterday 15:16
|If you were talking about myself and Chris Marion I am afraid we will be letting you down. Chris has half a football team as a family now and I am very busy with work so just don't get the time anymore.

Used to love LPPL and it was great seeing old faces on Monday, just a shame the league has dipped off so much now!

I've heard it might not be here for much longer.

I'd potentially come to the nationals but I have only played once this year so don't think I qualified.... : )
[Grosvenor: mazza58]
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Posts: 899.
Today 07:48
|How nice to hear from you Phil. I am glad that your reason for not being able to play is a busy life and in that I hope you are happy.
I dare say Chris is also busy, creating the other half of a football team. He always was a devil.
Anyway, the British Queen in Pompey, has a great atmosphere, so anytime you are in the area and have a minute, pop in and see us.
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Posts: 3660.
Today 08:16
|Phil you could come and play this and win a seat wink

I still have accommodation available grin
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