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held to: 23/05/2019
Weekly Events:85,185
Area Finals:793
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The Vine Inn : October 29th, 7:30pm

LPPL ID Player Position Points Won Bonus Points Total Points
28017Matthew (The Ice-Man) Jackson [Grosvenor - TheIceMan78]11,0004001,400
48950Danny Batten [Grosvenor - Pocketclub]28003751,175
46030Paul Lomas [Grosvenor - hustler2988] Click here to read their latest blog 37003501,050
47580Stephen Davies [Grosvenor - Davio]4600325925
40830Hazel 'Lift 'em' Millsom [Grosvenor: liftem]5550300850
18046david 'The Hat' hawley6500275775
24269Carol 'I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOING' Sumpter7450250700
40692Brian 'Jesus' Staples8400225625
23534Gerry 'Basher' Bishop9375200575
24193Andy Bates10350175525
45928Glenn 'Glenn' Hardy11325150475
47925Martin 'The Enigma' Hulland Click here to read their latest blog 12300125425
46216Baby Elephant 'The Dark Lord' Meow13275100375
26732DAVID 'AVE EM' IBBOTSON1425075325
40783Des ''onest Des' Redford [Grosvenor - Onest_Des] Click here to read their latest blog 1522550275
44915Drew 'The Dragon' Cloke [Grosvenor - Rhaegar]1620025225
48229David 'The Minion' Kilshaw171850185

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