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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL to
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to: 29/01/2020
Weekly Events:87,383
Area Finals:820
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    Rank LPPL ID Player Played Average Points Won
    140095Alan Pearcy47352,940
    247960Ian 'Jacko' Sneddon47302,920
    344091Graham 'Tuls' Tully46862,745
    435217Mark Fullarton [Grosvenor : 4foxake]46462,585
    543376Debbie Hunter [Grosvenor : Debbie324]46162,465
    629534daniel 'previous league winner' gibney45802,320
    742156Clinton S '1R1nT1nT1n' White45652,260
    833583James Raeburn45242,095
    =842367michael 'thetryer' meighan45242,095
    1043052Michael Meighan (Junior) [Grosvenor: Tartanfootsoldier]45232,090
    1148704Jamie Gilmour [Grosvenor Online - Jamiegxr3]44981,990
    1247029richard arthur 'chief' leamy44681,870
    1325918Steven 'The Harvester' McArdle36201,860
    1448614Ruth Fullarton44511,805
    1549165Tracey Donaldson35931,780
    1621739Gus Petrie35851,755
    1742378Niall Gratton [Grosvenor - Gratton72]35701,710
    1842276David Meighan [Grosvenor : DavidMeighan]35431,630
    1949109Stephen Donaldson43951,580
    2036630phil 'pip' stirling35131,540
    2148955David 'Penny' Penman43781,510
    2248190Marshell Rae34801,440
    2332253joan McDonald [Grosvenor: Witch61]43401,360
    2419332colin 'the joker' murray43151,260
    2542313david clark42961,185
    2648419Thomas Holleran42891,155
    2746989Shannon 'Loose Cannon' Coll San25551,110
    2820782barrie 'The Phoenix' penman [Grosvenor : Cacanny]11,0401,040
    =2838712TIM 'Short Stack' SIMS33471,040
    3045056sandy 'sandy1611' drennan [Grosvenor: sandyeos]3327980
    3141139toni lorimer [Grosvenor Online - Imcomingforyou123]4238950
    =3131178Graham 'FKOne' Thomson [Grosvenor: lppleos]4238950
    3341745robert 'Team pro lol' gillespie2470940
    3438783Bill McDonald [Grosvenor - Blackfeet]3303910
    3529591Alan 'Li-Lo' Lochrie3300900
    3623192Samera 'mini diva' hardie1860860
    3747147Kevin 'KEV' Ferrier2415830
    3822842Isabella 'Devious Diva' Boyle [Grosvenor: Deviousdiva2]1790790
    3948824Sean McGurgan3250750
    4049210Michael 'MD' Dougall1665665
    4143411CJ 'CJ' Harwood1610610
    4229590Legion 'Sassygirl' Scotland2275550
    4327401Nicki 'River Queen' Meighan2250500
    =4333384James 'CLOUSTY' clouston [Grosvenor - Clousty]2250500
    =4346001lewis mason2250500
    4621574Lewis 'Woody' Young2200400
    =4632520Ross Fullarton [Grosvenor: boris1874]2200400
    =4633385James 'SNR' Clouston2200400
    4922869John-Paul 'Captain Charisma' Payne1300300
    =4942058Andrew Martin1300300
    5136111james 'THE HUNK' Neil1250250
    =5148095gordon 'goggs' hendry1250250
    =5149153Neil 'Mojo' Mcnab1250250
    =5149213Andrew 'Andy' Differ1250250
    5529336Ryan 'River Rat' Mitchell1150150

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