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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL to
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to: 25/05/2017
Weekly Events:78,050
Area Finals:711
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Area League Leaderboards

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Rank LPPL ID Player Played Average Points Won
144281joanne 'the quiet assassin' Parke [Grosvenor - thequietassassin]3783518,500
232542angus 'ignorance' orr3196518,400
330297Andrew 'AndyG' Galloway2587516,300
442920Stephen 'The Buccaneer' Butler2684216,250
524133stuart 'fuuman' rankin [Grosvenor: fuuman]2978814,925
634069Mike 'Snowblind' Allen1782313,250
735330alan jacobs1978112,950
840311Calum 'aye69' MacLeod1595012,700
947173David McAllister1687712,425
1021232Ray Mcarthur2271512,150
1130065Daniel Kerr1779212,075
1228366John 'Hunter' Hunter1587111,825
1340335Nikita 'KinkyKeatz' Williamson1773810,900
1430001Gary 'Gazza' McCallum1485010,875
1536257Stuart 'Weeman' McIntyre1484410,780
1639381tom osborne1575410,625
1747038Allan Millar1478310,350
1847802Marcin 'Jejek' Kubicki [Grosvenor - jejek]168009,825
1937239gerard 'Gerry500' hendrick [Grosvenor - Spaced...out] Click here to read their latest blog 137449,425
2043901Steven 'Broddy' Broderick [Online : Broddy69]137048,750
2146627Joseph 'Conman' Connolly127198,625
2235434GEORGE 'the bronson' HEPBURN Click here to read their latest blog 117758,525
2337672hugh 'bluffalot' osborne117708,475
2428368Colin Sinclair108388,375

32 players will qualify for the Area Final as follows:
  1. The Top 24 on this leaderboard (18 highest points/results count towards total).
    Note that players are ranked on 1) points, 2) highest tournament position, 3) tournament position frequency.
  2. The Top 8 Venue Champions (who have a played a minimum of 9 games).
Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.
2547799James 'Spartacus' McKenzie107287,275
2648212Ryan Leitch107257,250
2736484Joe 'Mac' McEvoy107187,175
2847948Keiran 'red ninja' Mchale97336,600
2937713Craig 'Billabong Bruce' Hitchin97316,575
3047220Sean Henry106036,025
3136616David Farmer105935,925
3247109Ronald 'Ronnie' Elder105755,745
3336273eileen orr77795,450
3442708Roddy Thomson86785,425
3532892Gary Smith76684,675
3638973paul 'paul(the hulk)kenovan' kenovan85814,650
3737284james 'The Saint' adam76214,350
3848318karl 'nemo' kipling58454,225
3945091stephen 'adamzywho' adam94073,660
4040186Alex Fraser56803,400
4140020chris 'baracas' orr48313,325
=4148312david McClelland74753,325
4337050Christopher Ingram46442,575
=4348207john donnelly64292,575
4538765Steven McGougan38172,450
4647901David James 'Davy' O'Hare45132,050
4748089iain mackenzie28881,775
=4748336michael friel28881,775
4948285David 'DEADPOOL' RENOLDS28751,750
5026773Jim 'MUCKY PAWS' Petrie28631,725
5148319darren 'blondie' caine28501,700
5248328derrick 'squasher' kipling28131,625
5343791Kevin Haggarty26501,300
5436612Brian 'Buffalo Bill' Maitland26131,225
5532357jonathan orr25631,125
5628656Alison Hunter25501,100
5747772Steven Jacobs1900900
5843783Christopher 'chris' Jennings2425850
5948300stephen bradley1800800
=5948299ally mason2400800
6136673Denny Coll2330660
6220947Mark 'DILLIGAF' Kerr1625625
=6239398Stuart Walker1625625
6436614Ronnie James 'Locky' Lochhead1475475
6543613michael 'mick' clements1425425
6647219Paul Kane1375375
6746208Sean Coll2175350
6846884Matt McQuade1245245
6936670Chris Coll1155155

Mar/Apr/May 17 Area Final

Sunday, June 25th at 1:45pm.
Eglinton Inn (Sun), 48 Eglinton St, Beith, Ayrshire, KA15 1AQ

1st:Silver Poker Package
2nd:Bronze Poker Package
3rd:50,000 Reward Points
4th:25,000 Reward Points
Congratulations to Mike 'Snowblind' Allen
Congratulations to Mike 'Snowblind' Allen

for winning the West Scotland Dec/Jan/Feb 17 

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