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Total Prizes Won
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LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to: 26/09/2017
Weekly Events:79,398
Area Finals:725
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Area League Leaderboards

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Rank LPPL ID Player Played Average Points Won
132945lesley 'Jelly bean' warren [Grosvenor - jellybean50uk]2178312,625
224824Barbara 'Papillion' Press2393512,575
346154Steven 'STEVIEBOY' Kenneley1599611,950
446854Bill Crymble1794611,450
548418Leanne Marshall1792111,175
647172simon 'syfy' walton1289810,775
744535Antony 'Tony' Blee2082110,525
824114Charlie 'SSSSMOKIN' Press2379610,375
947999Charlie 'Venomeye' Tait1386310,350
=947027Mark Reed1985010,350
1147500Kirsty 'Krusty' Brown1284610,150
1241340Alan 'totalsnooker' Haycock [Grosvenor - thebeast409]158279,925
1347711Ray Logan187859,825
1425466Tracey 'bagsy' Baggott217639,700
1537478Alan Bell138009,600
1647965Sandis 'TomijsHans' Tomsons127929,500
1737683ian 'iggy' gray127719,250
1842893Andrew 'The Egg Man' OShea187428,950
=1847352alan 'rico' richardson197198,950
2044392Tony 'The Gooner' Saunders157448,925
2146894roger 'the splodge' saunders167338,800
2248290Ben 'Benji' West147158,575
2346324Brian 'Lanks' lankester117738,500
=2331193Brian 'Messiah' Robinson117738,500
2548359James 'Whirlwind' White137028,425
2647231George Thompson136988,375
2746354Claire Burt [Grosvenor: Avvitt]99258,325
2846326Kimberly 'Queenie' Whybrow108088,075
2948349Alex 'Aldo' Mason108058,050
3048218Jordan 'Heavy J' Bent146678,000
3148116John McBarron206527,875
3247181Allen NewPlayer136547,850
3333498Andy 'Flard' Stott [Grosvenor: Flard] Click here to read their latest blog 147887,350
=3346427Margo 'The Witch' Parsons126137,350
3529252Joanne Ledwell-Clarke98067,250
3625018David 'Better than Twell' Wright107137,125
3727075Steve Booker88817,050
=3747870Jack 'Jack' Andrew107057,050
=3747317Lauren 'Lozziie' Grooby145887,050
4041801Adrian 'Pepperpot' Pepper Click here to read their latest blog 97696,925
4148200Tom Maher155756,900
4248325Matthew Rowland97506,750
4348459Jacob Smith116026,625
4445656Eric 'The Player' Lamour106436,425
4544290Jaimie Brown78936,250
=4544889mark 'the fossil' swales Click here to read their latest blog 106256,250
4747623Dena 'They look nice!' Kennedy106156,150
4833930Dave 'Chucky' Burt [Grosvenor: Kanovargp] Click here to read their latest blog 96756,075
4934479hedley 'trigg' goddard Click here to read their latest blog 96726,050
5045904Matthew 'Matt1992' Owen115435,975
5146799Charlie Yidsenis96615,950
5224876john 'geordie' bestford87315,850
=5247410Paul Lanfranco96505,850
5446353stuart burt [Grosvenor: Stueyb1a]87285,825
5531145Ian Charles 'Young Chas' Lee [Grosvenor: YOUNGCHAS] Click here to read their latest blog 145005,725
5637793Jonathan 'The sherminator' Pick78005,600

64 players will qualify for the Area Final as follows:
  1. The Top 56 on this leaderboard (12 highest points/results count towards total).
    Note that players are ranked on 1) points, 2) highest tournament position, 3) tournament position frequency.
  2. The Top 8 Venue Champions (who have a played a minimum of 6 games).
Those who play AT LEAST 8 LIVE GAMES and finish within 20% of the last Leaderboard Qualifer may get a seat on the day, if available, as a RESERVE

Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.
5748058Danny '#punter' Melville114985,475
5847805Mark 'Fozzy' Foster124525,425
5947287Barrie Dawson105405,400
6045740Joe Bates95975,375
=6048524Jack 'Woodsy' Woods86725,375
6218443Alan 'Open1eye' Ledwell-Clarke77645,350
6348468Sam Burt68385,025
=6344712Mark 'LEVO' Leverett77185,025
6532489Brian 'chunky nuts' Walsh76824,775
6646153Suzanne 'SUZY' Widnall85884,700
6748201Danny 'wolfman' Dowding67674,600
6847713Joshua 'Big boy' Marston66924,150
6944217david brown41,0194,075
7047774Luke Flight66674,000
=7047927Peter 'DEAD I DICK' Bembridge66674,000
7247849Ray Glass57703,850
7341773Mike 'Disunited' Lynch49503,800
=7347575Matt Lee [Grosvenor - Im-No-Good-At-Poker]66643,800
7546450luke pestell75393,775
7648332Lewis Samuel 'Lewy' Emery48883,550
7746899Simon Crossland65833,500
=7748449Duncan 'Dunc' Bustin65833,500
7944094Andy Tierney65713,425
8048511Mark Hawley65503,300
8148380Albert 'Al' Van jaarsveld65383,225
8248052Ian 'Tubbs' Cunningham56253,125
8346152Paul 'WIGSY' Widnall56053,025
8447928angie 'angepange' scruton47503,000
8548016Zak Warner47382,950
=8539332gary 'Delboy' hickey64922,950
8745903Tim 'MX TIMMY' Owen46942,775
8847055Liz Tierney46882,750
=8848211Vas 'Velocity' Hadjigeorgiou55502,750
9045655Paul 'Ace Man' Tierney64422,650
9144220Elizabeth Bell38422,525
9247860Jo Gosling38252,475
=9248371Sophie 'Soph' Greensmith38252,475
9448124paul greenberry37832,350
9547888Adam 'GeorgeMichael4eva' Wilcox37422,225
9646558Jeni White37332,200
9746015Aaron O\'Brien36922,075
9848317Jake 'Jake' Howland45132,050
9940593Mark 'Whatever' Mason36752,025
10046550Paul T 'EmilyCat' Edmondson36672,000
10148369Anthony 'Big Guy' Parsons36001,800
10248370Terry Parsons35831,750
10347071Sam 'clam' Walton28501,700
10428543Kevin Healey35421,625
10546895Robin 'Rob' Watkins27751,550
=10547094Mandy 'Heartbreaker' Tierney43881,550
10748555Janis 'SkinnyBoy89' Sprogis27131,425
10841800Michael Brown43501,400
10948487Liam Martin26881,375
11047718David Sutton26631,325
11147989Edvinas 'Eddy' Arlauskis11,2751,275
11247698Jason 'Jay' Houlton26001,200
11348446Carly 'Bob head' Tait11,0751,075
=11346184Alex 'Lordy' Lord25381,075
11547886Matthew 'Matt' Loveridge25251,050
11648080Eriks 'Rx84rx84' Pitkevics2463925
11748538Mark 'Wheats' Wheatley1900900
11840982Robert 'Rob' Simpson1750750
11929466Geoff 'tiny' Little [Grosvenor - frogsfrolic] Click here to read their latest blog 1725725
12047936Ryan Tierney2343685
12147282Simon Thompson1600600
12246044Darren dazzler Brown1525525
12346186Matthew 'MAFF' Poore1500500
12448422Jason 'Livelife' Pearson1450450
12547882Liam Poore1375375
=12548096Santa Maurina1375375
12748506David Seaton1350350
=12748207john donnelly1350350

Aug-Sept 17 Area Final

Sunday, October 22nd at 12:45pm.
Queen of Spades, Wellington Road, Boston Lincs, PE21 0NX

1st:Gold Poker Package
2nd:Silver Poker Package
3rd:Bronze Poker Package
4th:100,000 Reward Points
5th:30,000 Reward Points
6th:25,000 Reward Points
7th:20,000 Reward Points
8th:10,000 Reward Points
Congratulations to Stuart Burt
Congratulations to Stuart Burt

for winning the Lincolnshire June/July 17 area final

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