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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL to
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to: 16/10/2018
Weekly Events:83,124
Area Finals:771
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Area League Leaderboards

To view any Area Leaderboard simply make a choice from the drop-down menu below then choose a leaderboard 'period' to view - if you wish to see an individual 'Venue' Leaderboard then select the venue from the appropriate drop-down menu.


Rank LPPL ID Player Played Average Points Won
147352alan 'rico' richardson58154,075
224876john 'geordie' bestford57553,775
335467David Simpson49003,600
440982Robert 'Rob' Simpson48383,350
546152Paul 'WIGSY' Widnall31,1083,325
624114Charlie 'SSSSMOKIN' Press47062,825
748967Robert 'Robka' Ladygo39252,775
848966Ernestas '51615' Kudeliovas39172,750
=832945lesley 'Jelly bean' warren [Grosvenor - jellybean50uk]46882,750
1048359James 'Whirlwind' White38922,675
1146153Suzanne 'SUZY' Widnall38422,525
1233498Andy 'Flard' Stott [Grosvenor: Flard] Click here to read their latest blog 56152,475
1347231George Thompson38172,450
1447575Matt Lee [Grosvenor - Im-No-Good-At-Poker]47192,400
1548862Kyren wilkinson37252,175
1648290Ben 'Benji' West21,0632,125
=1624824Barbara 'Papillion' Press37082,125
1846154Steven 'STEVIEBOY' Kenneley36832,050
1947287Barrie Dawson29881,975
2047713Joshua 'Big boy' Marston29631,925
2148201Danny 'wolfman' Dowding29131,825
2245656Eric 'The Player' Lamour28881,775
2344392Tony 'The Gooner' Saunders28751,750
=2344712Mark 'LEVO' Leverett28751,750
2547711Ray Logan35751,725
=2547181Allen Gamble35751,725
2748851Clinton 'Springbok' Jardim35671,700
2846894roger 'the splodge' saunders28251,650
2929466Geoff 'tiny' Little [Grosvenor - frogsfrolic] Click here to read their latest blog 27881,575
3034479hedley 'trigg' goddard Click here to read their latest blog 35081,525
=3048116John McBarron35081,525
3247027Mark Reed35001,500
=3248524Jack 'Woodsy' Woods35001,500
3425466Tracey 'bagsy' Baggott11,2501,250
=3447927Peter 'DEAD I DICK' Bembridge26251,250
3631193Brian 'Messiah' Robinson25751,150
3746326Kimberly 'Queenie' Whybrow11,1251,125
3848919Liam Duckworth11,0751,075
3948962John 'Easty' East25251,050
4047410Paul Lanfranco25001,000
=4046427Margo 'The Witch' Parsons25001,000
4242893Andrew 'The Egg Man' OShea2450900
4337793Jonathan 'The sherminator' Pick1850850
=4345904Matthew 'Matt1992' Owen2425850

54 players will qualify for the Area Final as follows:
  1. The Top 44 on this leaderboard (12 highest points/results count towards total).
    Note that players are ranked on 1) points, 2) highest tournament position, 3) tournament position frequency.
  2. The Top 10 Venue Champions (who have a played a minimum of 6 games).
Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.
4546353stuart burt [Grosvenor: Stueyb1a]1825825
4647860Jo Gosling1800800
4747500Kirsty 'Krusty' Brown1775775
=4744290Jaimie Brown2388775
4948370Terry Parsons1750750
5047317Lauren 'Lozziie' Grooby1700700
5145737Antony Poulton1675675
=5148724Piotr 'SnowRipple' Chudzik [Grosvenor - SnowRipple]1675675
5348918Gary McClarnon1600600
=5347936Ryan Tierney1600600
5545911Marnie 'Marnie' Jones1575575
5642892mark simpson1550550
=5648218Jordan 'Heavy J' Bent1550550
5848986Paul Lomax1525525
5948058Danny '#punter' Melville1500500
6046354Claire Burt [Grosvenor: Avvitt]1475475
=6048369Anthony 'Big Guy' Parsons1475475
6234681Liam Alcock [Grosvenor - Zodiac9986]1450450
6347888Adam 'GeorgeMichael4eva' Wilcox1425425
6448987Ian Mark Willis1325325
=6447130Adam 'Mozinator' Morrison1325325
6645655Paul 'Ace Man' Tierney1275275

Oct - Nov 18 Area Final

Sunday, January 6th at 12:45pm.
The Black Bull (Sun), 18-20 Market Street, Whittlesby, Peterborough, PE7 1BD

Congratulations to Andy 'Flard' Stott
Congratulations to Andy 'Flard' Stott

for winning the Lincolnshire June/July 18 area final

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