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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL from
1 Oct 2006
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to 26 May 2020
Weekly Events:89,712
Area Finals:837
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Your top 18 scores make up your total leaderboard score - if you play 19 (or more) for example, only the top 18 contribute to your total Points Won

Once you have played 18, the number of games Played will turn red.

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Rank LPPL ID Player Played Points Won
140020chris 'baracas' orr8623,605
242276David Meighan4619,475
342058Andrew Martin4716,955
448614Ruth Fullarton3016,640
535217Mark Fullarton3715,915
632542angus 'ignorance' orr7015,410
732357jonathan orr8315,205

Players in positions 1-7 qualify for the Gold Final

Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.

824380Dan Marshall4815,010
949210Michael 'MD' Dougall4614,630
1039398Stuart Walker2113,460
1149676Ian 'Ian Jacko Sneddon' Sneddon4612,695
1229336Ryan 'River Rat' Mitchell2812,450
1348190Marshell Rae Click here to read their latest blog 6212,205
1427401Nicki 'River Queen' Meighan4412,050
1549663Grant Laurence4311,860
1649699Martin Strang2111,090
1719638GEORGE 'GEO37' FERGUSSON Jnr329,605
1849403Paige Skinner189,315

Players in positions 8-18 qualify for the Silver Final

Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.

1949667Darren 'Dazza' O’Neil319,230
2035091Andrew Wilson338,585
2136980Daryl 'rookie' Williamson Click here to read their latest blog 158,420
2245056sandy 'sandy1611' drennan298,380
2337728james haddow237,635
2433161Sean 'Shaggy' McKechnie206,930
2540095Alan Pearcy256,625
2631178Graham 'FKOne' Thomson326,605
2741139toni lorimer196,580
2843376Debbie Hunter216,470
2949661Martin 'Shmert87' Merrick146,350
3049174Ian 'xxBonamassAxx' McGoldrick136,315
3138783Bill McDonald105,765
3233312richie 'TRICKY DICKY' kennedy185,555
3349742Benjamin 'BensonBoii98' McInnes115,450
3439311Thomas 'Tam' Boag215,425

Players in positions 19-34 qualify for the Bronze Final

Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.

Players below this position, who play a min 8 games, qualify for the Playoff Final

Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.

3529534daniel 'previous league winner' gibney264,780
3630001Gary 'Gazza' McCallum154,700
3738059Graham 'Ulost1' Blackwood154,595
3832616Scott Watson114,180
3945320Michael Meyer104,015
4046989Shannon 'Loose Cannon' Coll San213,795
4142313david clark193,510
4242156Clinton S '1R1nT1nT1n' White82,955
4342378Niall Gratton62,925
4424133stuart 'fuuman' rankin72,875
4537441paddy 'paddy' coll102,675
4629590Catherine 'Sassygirl' Lochrie42,135
4746439Craig McLure51,785
4837239gerard 'Gerry500' hendrick Click here to read their latest blog 81,780
4932253joan McDonald51,685
5049662Peter Lawrie41,320
5132520Ross Fullarton11,290
=5148771Lewis Young61,290
5348095gordon 'goggs' hendry21,210
5428366John 'Hunter' Hunter41,135
5520945Dianne 'Dangerous' Kerr61,115
5637583alex 'fishy' fish41,055
5749705Samantha Stoddart4810
5832038Gavin 'DoubleUp' Doodson Click here to read their latest blog 4785
5949643Pete Mccallum3705
6032187Catherine 'Catt25' McGonigle3675
6149716Scott 'Jimmy White' Barnett3605
6230297Andrew 'AndyG' Galloway1450
6348419Thomas Holleran2420
6448405Alex Watters2290
6543621aaron 'millzy' mill2245
6643052Michael Meighan (Junior)2235
6732188Neil 'Yatchman' McGonigle1200
6825918Steven 'The Harvester' McArdle1195
6939210GHOPLAD 11155
7019458Lee 'TRIP KINGS' Bruce1150
7148704Jamie Gilmour1140
7244281joanne 'the quiet assassin' orr1100

LPPL May 2020 League
Party Poker (Scotland), Online - Party Poker

Playoff Final
Thursday, June 4th at 8:00pm.

Bronze Final
Friday, June 5th at 8:00pm.

Silver Final
Saturday, June 6th at 7:00pm.

Gold Final
Sunday, June 7th at 7:00pm.

Congratulations Alan Pearcy
Congratulations Alan Pearcy

For winning the East Scotland Sept/Oct/Nov 19 area final 

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