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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL from
1 Oct 2006
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to 25 May 2020
Weekly Events:89,663
Area Finals:837
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League Leaderboards

To view any League Leaderboard simply make a choice from the drop-down menu below then choose a leaderboard period to view.

Your top 18 scores make up your total leaderboard score - if you play 19 (or more) for example, only the top 18 contribute to your total Points Won

Once you have played 18, the number of games Played will turn red.

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Rank LPPL ID Player Played Points Won
137330Martyn 'The taxman' Colmer Click here to read their latest blog 9520,035
217308Peter 'Santa' Berry8918,515
349648Matthew 'WTFlolGG' Smith4718,120
449692Benjamin 'Benjywey77' Buckley5115,305

Players in positions 1-4 qualify for the Gold Final

Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.

524568Konrad 'The Boss' Czechyra5614,365
649618colin 'freddi444' felton4213,975
727540Paul 'Shill' Shillaber4712,810
835667CHRIS HOMEWOOD2711,235
934482Terry 'the big e' Evans Click here to read their latest blog 2210,845

Players in positions 5-9 qualify for the Silver Final

Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.

1049334jeffrey 'fleece63' emery158,915
1135743Rob 'silver fox' Davies208,820
1227817Paul 'Clarky' Clarke146,935
1340837Lee Knight306,600
1439983Chris 'The Stylist' Alexander175,795
1543272Dave 'Minty' Waller205,105
1634466simon 'psycho' gardner134,125

Players in positions 10-16 qualify for the Bronze Final

Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.

Players below this position, who play a min 8 games, qualify for the Playoff Final

Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.

1734483tania 'the hellraiser' gardner123,225
1829539Catherine Wootton71,860
1934184Ben 'Living Legend' Murray41,660
2029322John Wootton41,105
2148460Antony Jane41,015
2249393Simon Gotthardt3955
2322493David Sprosson4910
2446606Ashley Boden5885
2549443Christian Dumbleton2585
2646352bob 'bobmouse' bulman2485
2710000Tom 'Irish Tom' Brady Click here to read their latest blog 2460
2828347laurie Mackenzie1320
2937540Shane Andrews1235
3022034GARY 'DOCGB2000' BROOM1225
3149687Daniel Lowe2220
3244440Bryan 'Crazy Legs' Thomas1200
3349621Richie 'mysticfred' Little1125
3425743Danny 'Duggs' Duggin1110

LPPL May 2020 League
Party Poker (SW), Online - Party Poker

Playoff Final
Thursday, June 4th at 8:00pm.

Bronze Final
Friday, June 5th at 8:00pm.

Silver Final
Saturday, June 6th at 7:00pm.

Gold Final
Sunday, June 7th at 7:00pm.

Congratulations to Rob 'silver fox' Davies
Congratulations to Rob 'silver fox' Davies

for winning the South West / Southern June/July/Aug 19 Area final

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