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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL to
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to: 16/08/2018
Weekly Events:82,545
Area Finals:761
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Area League Leaderboards

To view any Area Leaderboard simply make a choice from the drop-down menu below then choose a leaderboard 'period' to view - if you wish to see an individual 'Venue' Leaderboard then select the venue from the appropriate drop-down menu.


Rank LPPL ID Player Played Average Points Won
111231MICHAEL 'MICK' WELDON2091716,025
247356Nigel 'Modjo' Thorpe2087115,250
347419anthony 'sparty' spriggs1889614,700
448401mark vout1886513,250
522842Isabella 'Devious Diva' Boyle [Grosvenor: Deviousdiva2]2381713,100
611071Sean 'The Veteran' Weldon1968512,200
744997william 'bungalow bill' eisler1686312,050
811069JOHN 'THE PUSSY' NIXON1684611,800
=820782barrie 'The Phoenix' penman [Grosvenor : Cacanny]1685811,800
1026435gail carberry1680811,650
1123890EDDIE 'TIME LORD DR WHO' CARBERRY [Grosvenor: thetimelord]2070411,600
1218610Tommy 'Lips B' Bell1487711,525
1321096malcolm scantlebury1582710,950
1437162DAVID 'THE BRIGADIER' HARDY1574810,625
1521494paul 'big shot' davis1287110,450
1648429michael vout1672110,125
1747392Chris Cowl166799,800
1813330Leslie 'lesplay poker' Brannon128009,600
=1848346Lee 'Wet Crack' Wright147389,600
2048345Matthew Lythe [Grosvenor - Woodchipper]185299,400
2113906Vikki Anstey [Grosvenor - Vikster]118459,300
2211067JULIE 'JOOLS' NIXON127659,175
2318427Sharon 'Shazbat' Bell126798,150

28 players will qualify for the Area Final as follows:
  1. The Top 23 on this leaderboard (18 highest points/results count towards total).
    Note that players are ranked on 1) points, 2) highest tournament position, 3) tournament position frequency.
  2. The Top 5 Venue Champions (who have a played a minimum of 9 games).
Those who play AT LEAST 12 LIVE GAMES and finish within 20% of the last Leaderboard Qualifer may get a seat on the day, if available, as a RESERVE

Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.
2444933michael french126758,100
2548565kyran opie126698,025
2642159christopher heslop136277,925
2748267jordan-louise lydon117147,850
2840924lawrence 'magic' savage87756,200
2940496alan anthony 'al' chapman106056,050
3035985Daniel 'jammy' howie96115,500
3126825jeannette 'nettie' ryans68335,000
3240499david 'scopey' scope67254,350
3348278ryan armstrong84783,825
3448268amy-louice young65633,375
3531165James '175' Compton56403,200
3645965david 'rocky' rodriguez38082,425
3748539pod faye37752,325
3848890Jonathan Edwards-Beaumont21,1252,250
3948884Joshua Barney35751,725
4035898steven 'quack' kelly35171,550
4148540terry lawler27381,475
4241713Elizabeth 'Vegas' Weldon11,2001,200
4348904Tom Bennett11,1501,150
=4321625gordon 'g' penman [Grosvenor: redrocket] Click here to read their latest blog 25751,150
4546159chris nappin11,0501,050
4642371david 'belly' bell1925925
4746087John Attwood1875875
=4740497brian 'muzz' murry2438875
4948793Steven 'polar bear' Wiggett2388775
5048891Michelle Tsang1625625
5147096Robbie Nixon1600600
5232456john 'johnny' renwick1575575
5348585Kim Burton1550550
5446041tony smith1500500
=5448309joe cassidy1500500
5641384Adam 'muppet' Davies1475475
5748320carl phillip sharp1450450
5828535Norman Davidson1400400
=5848903Callum Linton1400400
6011838Robert John 'Bob The Hat' Gibson1350350
6148888Mark Cordell1325325

June/July/Aug 18 Area Final

Sunday, September 16th at 12:45pm.
St Patricks Mens Social Club, Cranworth Street, Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland,, TS17 7DR

1st:Silver Poker Package
2nd:Bronze Poker Package
3rd:50,000 Reward Points
Congratulations to DAVID 'THE BRIGADIER' HARDY
Congratulations to DAVID 'THE BRIGADIER' HARDY

for winning the Mar/Apr/May 18 area final 

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