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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL to
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to: 22/04/2018
Weekly Events:81,453
Area Finals:751
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Area League Leaderboards

To view any Area Leaderboard simply make a choice from the drop-down menu below then choose a leaderboard 'period' to view - if you wish to see an individual 'Venue' Leaderboard then select the venue from the appropriate drop-down menu.


Rank LPPL ID Player Played Average Points Won
213906Vikki Anstey127969,550
311231MICHAEL 'MICK' WELDON127859,425
448267jordan-louise lydon127759,300
548429michael vout127048,450
623890EDDIE 'TIME LORD DR WHO' CARBERRY [Grosvenor: thetimelord]117648,400
721494paul 'big shot' davis117528,275
811071Sean 'The Veteran' Weldon126838,200
948345Matthew Lythe [Grosvenor - Woodchipper]117237,950
1048565kyran opie116867,550
1147356Nigel 'Modjo' Thorpe116687,350
1247392Chris Cowl116457,100
1348401mark vout107087,075
1421096malcolm scantlebury97817,025
1548268amy-louice young125756,900
1620782barrie 'The Phoenix' penman [Grosvenor : Cacanny]97396,650
1726435gail carberry87976,375
1818610Tommy 'Lips B' Bell77965,575
1944997william 'bungalow bill' eisler86845,475
2022842Isabella 'Devious Diva' Boyle [Grosvenor: Deviousdiva2]95815,225

28 players will qualify for the Area Final as follows:
  1. The Top 20 on this leaderboard (18 highest points/results count towards total).
    Note that players are ranked on 1) points, 2) highest tournament position, 3) tournament position frequency.
  2. The Top 8 Venue Champions (who have a played a minimum of 9 games).
Those who play AT LEAST 12 LIVE GAMES and finish within 20% of the last Leaderboard Qualifer may get a seat on the day, if available, as a RESERVE

Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.
2111067JULIE 'JOOLS' NIXON68254,950
=2142159christopher heslop77074,950
2318427Sharon 'Shazbat' Bell67834,700
2440496alan anthony 'al' chapman76324,425
2541713Elizabeth 'Vegas' Weldon66633,975
2611069JOHN 'THE PUSSY' NIXON57803,900
2740499david 'scopey' scope75503,850
2826825jeannette 'nettie' ryans57653,825
2913330Leslie 'lesplay poker' Brannon48943,575
3045965david 'rocky' rodriguez46562,625
3148278ryan armstrong55052,525
3240924lawrence 'magic' savage46062,425
3340497brian 'muzz' murry45882,350
3442371david 'belly' bell27381,475
3548581dillon baker26501,300
3648539pod faye25501,100
3748540terry lawler1950950
3837277kevin 'mad mex' ward1825825
3943907Matty Richardson1800800
=3942372jonathan micheal 'ranta' ormond1800800
4148554Martin Taylor1675675
4241139toni lorimer1625625
4348553ben Taylor1600600
4448310lewis raisbeck1575575
4543278steven beltow1425425
4648309joe cassidy1375375
=4633555eugene 'eugejeans' banforth Click here to read their latest blog 1375375
4843376debbie hunter1325325
=4840916john mcguinness1325325

Mar/April/May 18 Area Final

Sunday, June 24th at 12:45pm.
Witton Gilbert WMC, Sacristion Lane, Witton Gilbert, DH7 6SN

1st:Silver Poker Package
2nd:Bronze Poker Package
3rd:50,000 Reward Points
Congratulations to paul 'big shot' davis

for winning the North East Dec/Jan/Feb 18 area final

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