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Total Prizes Won
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LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to: 19/10/2018
Weekly Events:83,164
Area Finals:772
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Area League Leaderboards

To view any Area Leaderboard simply make a choice from the drop-down menu below then choose a leaderboard 'period' to view - if you wish to see an individual 'Venue' Leaderboard then select the venue from the appropriate drop-down menu.


Rank LPPL ID Player Played Average Points Won
137377Virginia '\"V\"' Lynskey1678811,225
244066Jamie 'Jimmy jammy Jamie' Keedy-Collen108308,300
331347sean 'snelly' snell [Grosvenor - Itsme69]157258,060
446888Joe 'The Beast' Gaynard [Grosvenor: TheBeast72]147777,525
531694Dave 'The Rock' stones [Grosvenor -mechanicalanimal] Click here to read their latest blog 97817,025
648594Derek Tizzard88476,775
=646791Laura 'I've got an ace I'll call' Pottage97536,775
845348Robert 'Go on why not' Storey106486,475
930298paul 'sisco' sisson135026,300
1011624Derek 'Delwat' Watson [Grosvenor: Sapper591] Click here to read their latest blog 78576,000
1147934Tom Bonser69545,725
1244778Graham 'GW' Ranyard77895,525
1347679Stuart Bell [Grosvenor : passtokoren]77865,500
1445587Toby 'Mr Kipling' Bodycombe77825,475
1533276Matt Telfer68965,375
1641636liam 'The Clown' Coultard51,0705,350
=1645837Angelo Allenby77645,350
1826577andrew 'andy' sheardown77505,250
1948945Craig King68635,175
2043427Chris Lythgoe68254,950
=2015073Dave 'Lambrini Boy' Hargreaves77074,950
2237366mike 'come again' freer77004,900
2326870Dean 'Deano' Howard59254,625
2410782Nick 'The Greek' Vidler67674,600
2548288Andrew 'Fluffy' Storr67254,350
2626746Audrey 'Audrey' Sheardown76074,250
2748819Matt Timm75754,025
2846954Mel Cadman57853,925
2947168Steve 'Geggy' Gelder66463,875
3045910Kevin Taylor49503,800

35 players will qualify for the Area Final as follows:
  1. The Top 30 on this leaderboard (18 highest points/results count towards total).
    Note that players are ranked on 1) points, 2) highest tournament position, 3) tournament position frequency.
  2. The Top 5 Venue Champions (who have a played a minimum of 9 games).
Those who play AT LEAST 12 LIVE GAMES and finish within 20% of the last Leaderboard Qualifer may get a seat on the day, if available, as a RESERVE

Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.
3139613kevin 'Stormy Daniels' kent66333,800
3248951James 'Sproutfish' Stamford57303,650
3347933Gaz 'The reaper' Jones57003,500
3427107Mandy 'Thrilly' Coultard48193,275
3526566alison 'ally' haywood56503,250
3645553Chris 'BEAR' Laverack65353,210
3748347Allan 'Wad' Wardle31,0003,000
=3715077Vaughan Hasselby47503,000
3948187Steve Brooks Trigger39332,800
4048636Liz Neal46882,750
4148188Diane Brooks46382,550
4247354keely 'Little miss check' barrett21,1882,375
4347283Rob Joss45752,300
4441584Connor 'FCBurnett' Burnett37502,250
4546942brandon 'STAN' stannard54412,205
4648708Sadie 'Sadiie' Simons36832,050
4710074Anthony 'Pickers' Pickering [Grosvenor - Pickers73] Click here to read their latest blog 36501,950
4827106Andrew 'Pitbull' Coultard [Grosvenor: Pitbull1969]44381,750
4941329Shane Spencer28001,600
5048810Donna Storr27881,575
5148343Jesse Bentley34751,425
5245557James 'BONTOMAN' Hall11,3001,300
5334681Liam Alcock [Grosvenor - Zodiac9986]11,2251,225
5448364Morgan Walsh42991,195
5548814Mark Walsh11,1751,175
=5540394Mark 'Crambo' Cranidge25881,175
=5548887Julie Burwell25881,175
5815277Dan 'Fishy McFishface' Leitch25131,025
5948337Lee Bunting1850850
6035319Amanda 'EMojito' Callaway [Grosvenor - EMojito]1800800
6130547Ian James1750750
6245719Jonathan 'BATMAN' Battams1625625
6324923Roy 'The Pike Pirate' Chapman1600600
6448388Rob Taylor1500500
6546567Richard 'Jamo' Jameson1425425
6641942Paul Dale1375375
=6648690Sam Cox1375375
6844113Paul Hunt1300300
6948939Terry Newton1275275

Congratulations to Stuart Bell
Congratulations to Stuart Bell

for winning the Humber June/July/Aug 18 area final 

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