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Total Prizes Won
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LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to: 15/12/2017
Weekly Events:80,246
Area Finals:731
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Area League Leaderboards

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Rank LPPL ID Player Played Average Points Won
120127David 'The Fish' Kingswell [Grosvenor: FISHPFC]68635,175
240051bob 'bobby luv' law [Grosvenor: marshallow] Click here to read their latest blog 67544,525
320336Kevan 'Spartan' Stanswood [Grosvenor: Spartan735]67134,275
432962Lewis 'lew' Laker [Grosvenor - Lazybadger]57053,525
524133stuart 'fuuman' rankin [Grosvenor: fuuman]65753,450
643274Alan 'mad irish' ferris [Grosvenor : MadIrish333]31,0503,150
720893Craig 'Shammy De Beer (DBPT)' Roberts [Grosvenor - Shammydebeer]31,0423,125
831347sean 'snelly' snell [Grosvenor - Itsme69]31,0003,000

8 players will qualify for the Area Final as follows:
Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.
937239gerard 'Gerry500' hendrick [Grosvenor - Spaced...out] Click here to read their latest blog 37422,225
1022034GARY 'DOCGB2000' BROOM [Grosvenor: Incognito_apat]63672,200
1133498Andy 'Flard' Stott [Grosvenor: Flard] Click here to read their latest blog 44631,850
1213805Keith 'SUMO' Watson [Grosvenor: SUMO57]28251,650
=1231694Dave 'The Rock' stones [Grosvenor -mechanicalanimal] Click here to read their latest blog 28251,650
1443901Steven 'Broddy' Broderick [Online : Broddy69]34171,250
1547510david 'buckle eyed pete' massey [Grosvenor: WhoAMI666731] Click here to read their latest blog 11,1001,100
1647580Stephen Davies [Grosvenor - Davio]25381,075
1733930Dave 'Chucky' Burt [Grosvenor: Kanovargp] Click here to read their latest blog 25251,050
1831145Ian Charles 'Young Chas' Lee [Grosvenor: YOUNGCHAS] Click here to read their latest blog 2475950
1922842Isabella 'Devious Diva' Boyle [Grosvenor: Deviousdiva2]1900900
2032685Dave 'Paxo' Paxton [Grosvenor: Paxo666] Click here to read their latest blog 2413825
2141340Alan 'totalsnooker' Haycock [Grosvenor - thebeast409]1775775
=2147581Chloe 'Chloe/Flo' Stedman [Grosvenor - Chloe89]2388775
2320782barrie 'The Phoenix' penman [Grosvenor : Cacanny]1750750
=2343272Dave 'Minty' Waller [Grosvenor: djw38uk]1750750
2511484Simon Towers [Grosvenor - barbershop0]1550550
2648631Online Hastu251475475
2746888Joe 'The Beast' Gaynard [Grosvenor: TheBeast72]1450450
2817308Peter 'Santa' Berry [Grosvenor: trucker343]1400400
2948632Online Muni6761275275
3045056sandy 'sandy1611' drennan [Grosvenor: sandyeos]1250250
3129466Geoff 'tiny' Little [Grosvenor - frogsfrolic] Click here to read their latest blog 1200200

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