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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL to
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to: 16/02/2019
Weekly Events:84,275
Area Finals:783
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Area League Leaderboards

To view any Area Leaderboard simply make a choice from the drop-down menu below then choose a leaderboard 'period' to view - if you wish to see an individual 'Venue' Leaderboard then select the venue from the appropriate drop-down menu.


Rank LPPL ID Player Played Average Points Won
117171Phillip 'MrMaverick' Allen [Grosvenor - MrMav3r1ck]3295217,945
238788Gavin 'The Grumpy Frenchman' Searley2287315,650
340051bob 'bobby luv' law [Grosvenor: marshallow] Click here to read their latest blog 3481215,570
420127David 'The Fish' Kingswell [Grosvenor: FISHPFC]3484615,200
529633martin coleman2191014,845
626732DAVID 'AVE EM' IBBOTSON3163814,000
740830Hazel 'Lift 'em' Millsom [Grosvenor: liftem]2772113,800
832962Lewis 'lew' Laker [Grosvenor - Lazybadger]2176313,450
948950Danny Batten1984013,375
1040783Des ''onest Des' Redford [Grosvenor - Onest_Des] Click here to read their latest blog 1891213,065
1122286Carl 'The Pikey' Spencer [Grosvenor - Pikey88]2288513,020
1224635Christopher Shott2172911,775
1324204Paul Hughes1583811,325
1418046david 'The Hat' hawley1384610,335
1523534Gerry 'Basher' Bishop205868,875
1621483Holly 'Good Fold' Stanswood [Grosvenor - Good_Fold]216608,515
1744915Drew 'The Dragon' Cloke [Grosvenor - Rhaegar]204568,040
1848149Graham cook [Grosvenor: Grahambee]98928,025
1947925Martin 'The Enigma' Hulland156117,940
2020893Craig 'Shammy De Beer (DBPT)' Roberts [Grosvenor - Shammydebeer]107857,845
2127927Gail 'Force 10' Swain [Grosvenor: Force09]155697,595
2224193Andy Bates116897,575
2325021James Hawley89387,500
2448229David 'The Minion' Kilshaw126227,460
2514684Ken Anderson155567,405
2644707Chris 'Anti Force' Prentice Click here to read their latest blog 126167,395
2722111Steve 'Leaky' Bailey107287,275
2820979Justin 'Skippy (DBPT)' Hazeldene116597,245
2924269Carol 'I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOING' Sumpter135486,850
3047580Stephen Davies [Grosvenor - Davio]116186,800
3132685Dave 'Paxo' Paxton [Grosvenor: Paxo666] Click here to read their latest blog 137196,400

35 players will qualify for the Area Final as follows:
  1. The Top 31 on this leaderboard (18 highest points/results count towards total).
    Note that players are ranked on 1) points, 2) highest tournament position, 3) tournament position frequency.
  2. The Top 4 Venue Champions (who have a played a minimum of 9 games).
Those who play AT LEAST 12 LIVE GAMES and finish within 20% of the last Leaderboard Qualifer may get a seat on the day, if available, as a RESERVE

Check out the league schedule for games remaining this period.
3217638Maggie 'raggygrannymags' Hall Click here to read their latest blog 78786,145
3340692Brian 'Jesus' Staples115506,045
3443274Alan 'mad irish' ferris [Grosvenor : MadIrish333]124395,270
3520336Kevan 'Spartan' Stanswood [Grosvenor: Spartan735]158584,795
3647053Chris 'ATC' Orr Click here to read their latest blog 58494,245
3735439David 'Bisonhowie' Howarth75964,170
3843876Neil Cookson58254,125
3912438Andy 'Southern Star (B.G.H)' Hall Click here to read their latest blog 75263,680
4046030Paul Lomas [Grosvenor - hustler2988] Click here to read their latest blog 57353,675
4149070Kelly 'Queens' Melia56703,350
4216570Gareth 'Pirate' Harris65483,285
4322300john 'the straight' marshall56373,185
4448673Mark Bower [Grosvenor - buzz019]47883,150
4548327Will Tomkinson39582,875
=4549100Ronald 'Scruffy' Lucock55752,875
4719038John 'The Charmer' Murray [Grosvenor - MinTrav]38322,495
4829269Marian 'manpat' Jones [Grosvenor: mazza58]37002,100
4947052Peter Whalley36421,925
5045928Glenn 'Glenn' Hardy43231,290
5120868Daniel 'Razzle Dazzle De Beer (DBPT)' Shaw Click here to read their latest blog 11,2701,270
5244121Robert Temple26031,205
5348977Freya 'Fif' Deluchi1920920
5427928Alex 'TALISKER' Swain2425850
5541552Lewis Archer1745745
5630687Tom 'YoYo Tony' Jacklin1725725
5710030Neal 'Presty' Prest1595595
5849111Colin 'Simm68' Simpson2288575
5923724Jamie 'Jay Jay 82 Goon' McClelland1500500
6041555Charlie 'Chasney' Deluchi1405405
6110409Kim 'Lucci' Deluchi1325325
6248331hasan gocen1300300
6320335Claire 'comeback queen' Stanswood [Grosvenor : Talllady]1285285
6447579Fleur Deluchi1185185
6528017Matthew (The Ice-Man) Jackson [Grosvenor - TheIceMan78]1125125
6647496Tom Mundy1100100
=6648929Joanna 'Mojo' Vine1100100

Dec/Jan/Feb 19 Area Final

Sunday, April 7th at 12:45pm.
Llanishen Rugby Football Club, Barclays House, Ty-Glas Ave, Cardiff, CF14 5DW

1st:LPPL at Malta Poker Weekend
2nd:National Championship Poker Main Event Entry
3rd:50,000 Reward Points
4th:25,000 Reward Points
Congratulations to Brian 'Jesus' Staples
Congratulations to Brian 'Jesus' Staples

for winning the Southern/S.West Sept-Oct-Nov 18 area final 

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