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held to: 25/01/2020
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Area Finals:820
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Venue Information

MI LPPL Tavern APAT online

>Location: Grosvenor
>Website: http://.
>Midlands League Leaderboard

Recent Results

When Results  
January 24th 11:00pm (not available)  
January 19th 10:00am 7 players  
January 18th 11:00pm 6 players  
January 17th 11:00pm 4 players  
January 12th 10:00am 8 players  
January 11th 11:00pm 9 players  
January 10th 11:00pm 8 players  
January 5th 10:00am 8 players  
January 4th 11:00pm (not available)  
January 3rd 11:00pm 5 players  
December 29th 10:00am 6 players  
December 22nd 10:00am 5 players  
December 15th 10:00am 7 players  
November 30th 11:00pm 16 players  
November 29th 11:00pm 10 players  
November 24th 10:00am 6 players  
November 23rd 11:00pm 8 players  
September 1st 9:00am 6 players  
August 30th 10:00pm 8 players  
August 25th 9:00am 6 players  
August 18th 9:00am 7 players  
August 11th 9:00am 5 players  
August 4th 9:00am 7 players  
July 26th 10:00pm 6 players  
July 21st 9:00am 7 players  
July 19th 10:00pm 11 players  
July 14th 9:00am 8 players  
July 12th 10:00pm 7 players  
July 7th 9:00am 7 players  
July 5th 10:00pm 9 players  
June 30th 9:00am 7 players  
June 28th 10:00pm 9 players  
June 23rd 9:00am 12 players  
June 14th 10:00pm 8 players  
June 9th 9:00am 13 players  
April 28th 9:00am 13 players  
April 26th 10:00pm 9 players  
April 21st 9:00am 13 players  
April 19th 10:00pm 15 players  
April 14th 9:00am 15 players  
April 12th 10:00pm 14 players  
April 7th 9:00am 7 players  
April 5th 10:00pm 12 players  
March 31st 9:00am 12 players  
March 29th 10:00pm 19 players  
March 24th 9:00am 12 players  
March 22nd 10:00pm 12 players  
March 17th 9:00am 16 players  
March 15th 10:00pm 12 players  
March 10th 9:00am 12 players  

Upcoming Games

January 25th 11:00pm  
January 26th 10:00am  
January 31st 11:00pm  
February 1st 11:00pm  
February 2nd 10:00am  
February 7th 11:00pm  
February 8th 11:00pm  
February 9th 10:00am  
February 14th 11:00pm  
February 15th 11:00pm  
February 16th 10:00am  
February 21st 11:00pm  
February 22nd 11:00pm  
February 23rd 10:00am  
February 28th 11:00pm  
February 29th 11:00pm  
March 1st 10:00am  
March 6th 11:00pm  
March 7th 11:00pm  
March 8th 10:00am  
March 13th 11:00pm  
March 14th 11:00pm  
March 15th 10:00am  
March 20th 11:00pm  
March 21st 11:00pm  
March 22nd 10:00am  
March 27th 11:00pm  
March 28th 11:00pm  
March 29th 10:00am  
April 3rd 11:00pm  
April 4th 11:00pm  
April 5th 10:00am  
April 10th 11:00pm  
April 11th 11:00pm  
April 12th 10:00am  
April 17th 11:00pm  
April 18th 11:00pm  
April 19th 10:00am  
April 24th 11:00pm  
April 25th 11:00pm  
April 26th 10:00am  
May 1st 11:00pm  
May 2nd 11:00pm  
May 3rd 10:00am  
May 8th 11:00pm  
May 9th 11:00pm  
May 10th 10:00am  
May 15th 11:00pm  
May 16th 11:00pm  
May 17th 10:00am  

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